Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cthulhu Rising ...

I've been reading the Anti-Craft book and browsing their brilliantly entertaining website ( in order to find some inspiration for the aforementioned "Pay it forward 2011". I'm yet to finish a single project but I have a few ideas and its only February, I have another 10 months, right?
Anyway while I was browsing I came across the crochet pattern for the lovecraftian elder god yet again.

I've been wanting to crochet this for ages now. Its a bit adorable, and its a Lovecraft tentacle monster, and it should be fairly quick to finish, what isn't there to love? I'm also think my four-year-old godson might appreciate one, and I might one want for myself ... I have this sneaky suspicion everyone might be getting one.  Expect progress reports and pics on this one soon.

And if you haven't heard Cthulhu is awakening on 21st of December 2012 and you're all invited ...


  1. Varmasti arvostaisi kummipoikasi tätä ihanuutta :) MUTTA mulle myös, mulle myös!

  2. Juu, kummipojan aitikin saa oman, ei hataa :)