Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Feathers, shiny things and glue

So instead of going out like the cool kids do I spent Friday night attempting to beat January Blues with feathers, shiny, pretty things and some glue ... and here is the result.

I just realised it looks suspiciously like a brooch rather than a fascinator, but I assure you its a fascinator.  Having said that, isn't it the trend at the moment that you can wear hair things as brooches? Maybe I should add a safety pin to this ...

"The making of" -part was fun even if the result wasn't quite what I'd hoped. I've decided marabou feather are too fluffy for a fascinator, need to use something else, just not sure what.  I'm treating this one as a trial, in the hope that the next one will turn out better.



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  2. This is gorgeous Essi! I think you should post a pic of you wearing it :) Hope all is well with you. Have you met any moomins yet? Fiona x

  3. Thanks Fiona, I'll attempt to get some pics of me wearing it soon or pics of someone else wearing it.

    And no, I haven't met any moomins yet, but I went to the Moomin museum in Tampere, twas tres cool. How's tricks? Essi x

  4. ooh I love this one! The colour is perfect, and one can't go wrong with feathers. <3 I think it's perfectly alright to wear fascinators as brooches, and vice versa. luckily many of the store-bought ones I have are equipped with a safety pin and a hair clip :)

  5. A moomin museum? Wow! Is there anything left in the gift shop? :)

    Things all good here ta. Missing you and your style in the office!

    Take care and make wonderful things!


  6. Taas yritän. Piti siis laittamani jo aiemmin Julian kommentti, kun hän näki nuo kuvat. Tuli niin spontaanista häneltä "Ihanaa" :)