Thursday, 14 April 2011

Where did March go ..?

Dear reader(s) and blog, 

you'll be pleased to know that I haven't forgotten about you, I've just become a lazy moo-moo. But I think I'm going to claim that life's been a bit hectic instead as admitting to being lazy doesn't sound too great.

With all the mad running around I've been doing, I haven't had time to do anything even remotely crafty, but I plan to rectify this over the coming weekend. I got my corset tools and some awesome pattern books back from the UK so watch this space. Also I have a sneaky suspicion I should do something about the Pay it Forward 2011 things.   

In the mean time meet Maneki Hulu or Waving lucky Cthulhu that I made few weeks back for a friend.

(picture on the courtesy of J, thanks.)
... I'm still planning the pink sequins Cthulhu ,D

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