Friday, 17 June 2011

Missing months ...

Ok, so I seem to be missing another month - May what happened to you? I suppose the warm weather, BBQs and jungle croquet ended up taking its toll, but I haven't completely ignored all things crafty. I have cut, basted and fitted a dress. Now I just need to find time to finish it. I have also continued with the feathers, rhinestones and alice bands  ... here are pics of the fascinator I mentioned in the previous post, I'm rather pleased with the result. I think the lil skull in adorable, I may have order a whole bag so expect to see them in everything. Anyhow on to the fascinator


And here's a pic of some awesome knitted graffiti I came across a while back .. Guess what I'll be doing next ;) So if you see a hooded knitter somewhere it's not me, ok?

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