Friday, 23 September 2011

Making of a faux vintage bag ...

So in the last post I was waffling on and on about Emma Brennan's  Making vintage bags - book  and how I'm dying to try out the patterns. So after some umming and arring and moments of I want to make them all, where do I start?! I settled on a 1920s style bag called Dorothy. It's a small clutch bag with a bow in the front, tres adorable.
I had some lovely black coutil lying around from a corset project and some iron-on interfacing so the outer bits of the bag were sorted. And after quite a bit of searching I finally managed to locate some magnetic clasps (I'm ordering online next time) and I also found a perfect dotty cherry red fabric to use as the lining for the bag. I'm still trying to decide what colour and material to use for the bow, I'm toying with the idea of using the same fabric as the lining though maybe a black velvet bow would be more sophisticated? Also red sequins came to mind as the bag is called Dorothy but I suspect that might be a bit over the top.

The bag is still a work in progress, but the instructions have so far been easy enough to follow and I found the pictures really helpful. My photocopying skills were put to the test while I enlarged the patterns, the result wasn't all bad ...

                            (notice the lovely Ikea stamps on the one of the pieces!) 

And here's the compulsory picture of the fabrics being used

I was tad was surprised that magnetic clasps needed hammering into place, though I'm not too sure why I thought they'd be easy to twist into place, but there it is. I'm pretty pleased with the result (and no purple fingers either, bonus.)

And here's the other side of the clasp on the flap of the bag.

My next mission is to attach the flap onto the bag, but that will have to wait til next time sweeties. Over&out.

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