Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A finished project you say..?

Here it finally is, the long overdue Beignet dear readers! I know it's taken me stupidly long to finish this and I suspect  I should have, could have, would have finished it ages ago if I'd just set aside some time for it. But life's been crazy busy recently -  work, helping my SO  move and decorating his new place, an open uni course (which I started in September just to keep me busy ... like I wasn't busy enough as it was) and the weekly assignments related to the course which I've been mutttering over and knitting have done a good job keeping me side-tracked.

The finished skirt

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The fit is fine, it has pockets and leopard print! It's weird not having any major complaints apart from the bound button holes not being super-neat but I'm willing to let myself off on this one as it was my first go at them, but it makes a lovely change feeling that I've accomplished something. I will definately use the beignet pattern again (and try other Colette patterns too), maybe in some dotty material. 

Some of you may have noticed I've not added the belt loops and belt to the skirt. I'm still umming arring about that one, I originally had visions of making a leopard pring belt and black belt loops, but I'm having second thoughts. I'm not ta huge fan of belts and it doesn't look like it needs more leopard print so I think I'm going to leave it like that and I can always add them later if I think it needs a re-vamp.

And for those interested my sock count currently stands at 7/6 and I've started on a hat and some mittens, exciting stuff. More of the knitting in the next post. Ta-ra for now m'dearies. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Facing lining ...

I seem to be getting my sewing and blogging hat back on, two posts within a week. Shockhorror. I found some time to (battle with) attach the beignet lining with the facing. The pinning went fairly smoothly even if the seams don't quite meet, but it's the lining so it's not a biggie, right?

Lining <3 Facing 

But this being me you can  probably guess that it didn't go quite as neatly as the previous picture suggests. I managed pucker up the lining and fold it over and sew on top of in several places which meant I got to spend even more quality time with my BFF (seam ripper for those not familiar with the blog).

Pucker up 

The hemming of the lining went surprisingly smoothly, no puckering or accidental folds or anything else strange which made a nice change. And I found the shell of the skirt, it was hiding with my sheets. "Who on earth stores half-fiinished sewing projects with sheets?" I hear you ask in chorus. The answer seems to be me even though I don't have a clue  why I thought it was a good idea at the time. Next time I've lost something I'll go straight there ...Though I must confess I have found my keys in the fridge a few times before so I guess it's just a habit.

I think said rather optimistically in the last post "I then have only attaching the lining and the shell to do and tadaa ...".  I lied. I had forgotten about the belt loops and I suspect I should also attach the buttons and maybe some do a few finishing touches so I doubt I'll finish the skirt during the week, but I'm hopeful about the weekend.

Over&out for now. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beignet part deux...

I've finally got back to making the Beignet skirt, whee. The shell is nearly done, but currently missing in action, I had friends staying for the weekend and I tidied my sewing space (which in real life is a spare room, but I use it for sewing more so ...) and projects in making, but I can't for the life of me remember where I put the shell. Facepalm. This could only happen to me.

Anyhow the construction so far has been a breeze, I can see what the buzz about Colette Patterns has been about. I currently am debating whether to make some adjustments to the sides or not. It looks fine as it is, but I keep thinking I could take it in a bit to make it more A-line, but then I would have to re-do the pockets which would effort though I suppose I could leave out the pockets altogether, but I heart skirts with pockets (and that was one of the things that drew me to the Beignet pattern in the first place!) and sigh. But I suspect I'll have time to ponder on that before I locate the shell again.

Today I've been battling the lining, tres more tricky that I thought it would be. I've obviously not worked with slippery materials in a while ... but it's all in one piece and looking fairly neat even if I say so myself. Next will be attaching the facing to the lining(will probably have to wait til another evening) and then if and when I find aforemention shell, the skirt will be done. I'm somewhat excited.

And those dying to know about my knitting, the current total is 5/6 socks done and I might have promised to knit another pair of socks before trying something. Facepalm.

But that is all for now. Over&out for now dear readers! 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Knitting on trains (again)

I'm ashamed to say but I've been side-tracked from my Beignet project by the knitting, not that there is anything wrong with knitting, but it would be somewhat fab to finish one project before starting a new one, but then knitting is so different from sewing that it doesn't count (at least not in my mind) ... And in my defense I've been spending quite a bit of time on trains and carrying knitting around is a lot easier than taking my sewing with me... 

Surprise, surprise  I'm still continueing with socks but I think after these projects (yes, plular I've gone sock mad) I might be ready to try something a bit more challenging and probably something from the vintage knits book I have sitting on my shelf. Having said that my mom subscribes to a Finnish knitting magazine Novita (who also have a rather cool website with some free patterns) so I may raid her pattern stash for something suitable.

Good news is I've finished the first pair and they only took me a week, hurrah They're for a friend, the future owner of these might guess who she is presuming she reads the blog. These were pretty easy to do, the leg was knit 2, purl 2 and I used the trusted heel turning I learnt last winter, I doubt I'll use any other method every again. These turned out pretty neat even if I say so myself.

The finished stripey pair 

The second thing in the making is a pair of black Fargyles, the pattern is from the brill website  I knitted socks with the same pattern last year for my lil bro. I liked knitting the pattern (not too taxing once you got the hang of it) and lil bro loved the socks so win-win. These ones aren't for little bro, but I'm hoping the recipient will be happy. 

Second pair of almost finished Fargyles

I may have gone a bit over-board with the knitting, but I've also started a third pair which will be a christmas pressie which I should finish in time cause I've started them easrly enough ... I copied the pattern from some lovely purple socks that my Nan made me years ago, the pattern is made with different colour so none of the weird jump over one stich an slip and purl together malarkey and it also made it easier to copy. 

And the start of a third pair 

But not to worry I have my sewing machine back and I'm itching to finish the Beignet skirt so I'll hopefully get around doing that and typing up an update later on in the week. Tattybye til then dear readers and get those needles clicking.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bound button holes are all the rage!

I've started working on the Beignet skirt and I'm still superduper excited about the project even if  I'm a tad iffy about whether my skills are up for it or not, but its nice to have a bit of a challenge at times and also I'm learning new techniques/skills for this project.

So far I've cut the shell fabric and lining and done all the marking and I even made a mock-up which seemed to fit quite well. I then had a bright idea that I would love to try making bound button holes for the skirt as they look so much neater than normal ones even though I'm sure my lovely Singer makes excellent button holes (I'm yet to test this!)  ... 

I've never made bound button holes, but with the help from the excellent instructions from GNBBS I've attempted a practice run as I didn't want to ruin the skirt fabric straight away. I didn't quite understand the stitch in the ditch to begin with as you can see from the picture ... 

Practice run and misunderstood stitch in a ditch

But luckily the ditch stitching became clear when I started making the real ones. The button holes aren't quite even, but I think they'll do for a first attempt and I do think they look better than normal buttons holes would have and its so much fun attempting new techniques even if it meant spending hours marking, hand stitching and generally being confused. I also noticed that Coletterie posted a tutorial of bound button holes after I'd finished with mine, it's worth having a look if you don't have Gertie's book at hand.

After some hunting I found some perfect leopard printg fabric on eBay for the covered buttons. I had good intentions of covering the buttons myself with the help of the instructions from GNBBS, but when I went to my local haberdashery store they told me that they could make cover the buttons for the fraction of the cost of buying coverable buttons so I took my fabric there and the following day I could pick up the most beautiful covered buttons, win.

The bound button holes + pretty buttons

My mamaa dearest has my sewing machine at the moment, but I'm hoping to continue with the skirt soon, in the mean time I'll just have to knit. Over&out for now dear readers!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Autumn sewing plans

It's starting to feel like autumn in Finland, the rains are here and it is getting colder. I've turned my attention to thicker fabrics and new patterns. I should probably go through my pattern stash and have a look what I have there, but as there's been such a buzz about Colette Patterns since I joined the online sewing community that I wanted to find out for myself what it is all about.

Surprisingly enough I didn't order any of the dress patterns (I'm starting to suspect I have too many of those already, is that even possible?) I went for the Clover trousers and the Beignet skirt instead. The Beignet is for intermediate sewer so I suspect it might be a bit out of me skills set but I'm dying to try it out. I'm thinking of making a making it in black twill with leopard print buttons and leopard print belt. I think the trousers might be a bit too summery for the rainy Finnish autumn, but we'll see ... 

The future project(s)

Aren't the pattern booklets the twee-est thing ever? The instructions seem clear and the illustrations are adorable. I'm starting to see what all the buzz is about, I can't wait to try these out. I just need to find the leopard print fabric and I'm good to go, though I could probably start on the skirt already, it's not like I'm going to be attaching the buttons first anyway.

And I finally got my copy of Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing in the post last week. Can I just say that I'm in love! I want to try out all the patterns and all the variations in the book. I think I'm going to start with the bow-tied blouse in a polka dot material and maybe try the dropped-waist cocktail dress at some point, but that's not really autumn wear. I really, really want to try out the coat dress, but I'm not too sure my skill set is up for that one yet. If you don't have a copy of the book yet, go and order it now or visit Gertie's wonderful blog for a lovely preview.

I also did a spot of fabric shopping last week after getting the patterns and the book. I'm a tad predictable with my fabric choices, but as I've probably mentioned before I'm somewhat scared of colour though I'd love to make the Tiki dress from GNBBS in a turquoise + pink floral fabric ... I got some dotty materials from the bargain bin and then some black material for the Beignet skirt.

The ever growing fabric stash 

I'd also love a cape for the autumn/winter. I've seen this gorgeous grey and black dotty wool in Eurokangas and I noticed that Butterick and McCall have yet another sale with cape patterns included (though I’ve understood these should be easy enough to make without a pattern, but I have a sneaky suspicion those are famous last words when it comes to my projects) so I might have to order a pattern and attempt to make one. Anyhow I’m off to hunt to leopard print fabric now. Ta-ra.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dotty bow and a New Look 6808!

So I didn't quite finish the New Look 6808 view C the weekend I intended but the good news is I finally finished it yesterday. The collar was less confusing after I re-read the instructions when I was a tad less tired and I didn't even get into a fight with my arch nemesis the zipper, yay, it even looks neat and invisible, not that invisible things are supposed to look like anything but you know what I mean.

It was also the first time in ages that I've set sleeves into anything. I must admit I was feeling somewhat nervous about it (hence the endless amount of sleeveless dresses dear readers) but even the sleeves turned out smoothly and I didn't have take out the ripper. I'll be trying out more patterns with sleeves in the future!

Pinning the sleeve 


I originally planned to make this with a contrasting collar, but this being 'the wearable mock-up' I didn't bother. Luckily I had some leftover black and white dotty cotton (that some might recognise from previous projects!) so I decided to make the bow contrasting to give it a little something. 

The less confusing collar

The fit is pretty good but the top is a bit long for me, it seems that I have a shorter upper body as I've encountered the same problem with some other patterns before. Maybe I could shorten the pattern next time. I might just buy a shorter zip and swap it, now that I'm feeling a bit more confident with zippers.

The finished product

The top was easy enough to make and with slight adjustments to the lenght I'm sure it'll be fab. I think it has a certain vintagey feel to it and it looks cute with a skirt. I'm already planning on making this again with a contrasing collar and I might try one of the other views too! Over and out for now dear readers!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Back to sewing wonderland

I posted a few New Look patterns a few months back (seriously where does the time go? Tick-tock) and  good news is that I've finally got away from the PS3 and onto making a start with  the New Look 6808  blouse, view C. It's the one with the collar and cute little bow.

I had some black (surprise!) cotton lying around that I meant to use as lining for a dress, but as I've not got around doing that yet I decided to put it to 'better' use and make what will hopefully be a wearble mock-up of the blouse. I also got to test out the machete/french curve I bought in NYC, I keep wondering how on earth I survived without one. No doubt I'll be hoarding more and more 'useful' sewing notions into my collection after this realistion ,D

Markinng with a machete 

The cutting went fine (or that's what I thought), the darts are in the right place and the top seems to sit quite right. I will need to shorten the hem as it looks a tad on the long side. The next thing will be attaching the collar, so far the instructions have confused me a bit and I'll probably end up doing it backwards.
The confusing collar 

I've basted the collar and pinned the front and back facing and it seems that I've got it the right way around, but I'm not going to sew it until I've double-checked tomorrow or over the weekend. I'll keep you posted on the progress. Ta-ra for now.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Curiouser and curiouser ...

I’ve been playing American McGee’s Alice - the Madness Returns on the PS3 recently and it reminded me that I ordered these amazing Alice in Wonderland fabrics from Nappikauppa Punahilkka (; the shop is excellent, quick delivery and excellent customer service) last autumn but I've still not got around using them.

    Down the rabbit hole

                            "Oh, you ca'n't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here".

I’ve been trying to decided what to make of the fabrics as they’re both rather small pieces. I’m somewhat tempted to turn the 1st one into an underbust corset (or at least a few corset panels teamed with some black and white stripey material and gold boning cases) and some sort of hair thing to go with said corset, maybe a giant bow with gilded edges. I also have some gilded crown embellishments in my box of magic that would work quite nicely together.

   Off with her head! (Dance til your dead)

I’m toying with using the 2nd one as handbag lining, I think it would be a lovely surprise when you open your bag and there’s a piece of Wonderland but I’m not sure yet. I might end up using it for something else like oven mitts or pockets for a dress. Too many choices. Ideas and suggestions welcome my lovelies.

And yes, I am a slight (understatement of the year!) PS3 addict. The games seem to be keeping me from all my crafts at moment but hus-hus, we're not telling anyone.

Tattybye for now.

Friday, 3 August 2012

First cut cuts deeper than the rest ...

I made this dress pre-New York with the intention of wearing it there (and maybe posing under the Tiffany& co. sign) but it was far too hot for that and while I was there I also noticed that the back needed some more work so since I I've been spending some quality time with my best friend the seam ripper again. 

I found this fantastic black (you didn't see that one coming, did you?) strecth material from Eurokangas, I might need to get more if they still have it in stock as its amazing and the drape is good. I love(d) the fit and the pockets in the Jackie O dress I made a while back so I decided to be lazy and not bother with mock-ups (bad plan as I noticed later on) go straight to cutting which was fine and then I made up the bodice and that went smoothly until I got to the

The stupid thing is that I was just thinking to myself that I should be extra careful with the scissors as I'm dead tired and I don't want to ruin to the dress and two seconds later I cut a bit too deep and there's a gash in the shoulder strap.

The cut

However I will confess to being too lazy to cut and re-do the bodice so I hand-stitched it and it seems to work. It's not really visible when the dress is being worn as it's quite small. I might reinforce it with some fabric glue if it starts to look like the fabric will fray.

The finished black dress

Summer scenes from Helsinki

The front of the dress doesn't look too bad but (no projects without the but in this blog!) the pockets are a tad too visible for my liking even when there is nothing in them and the neckline doesn't lie flat when the dress is being worn and I move around in it which I do a lot. I don't have this problem with the dotty dress so I'm a bit baffled as to what has happened, but the black fabric is thicker so that probably is the reason behind it. I'm thinking that taking the darts in a bit more on the neckline and making it smaller might help it lie flat, but I'm not too sure. I really miss my McCall's sewing in colour (which disappear in the move) so I could check for sensible fitting advice. Any recommendations for good books on fitting highly appreciated. Ta.

And the problems with the dress don't end there, oh no, that would be too easy. As I mentioned I noticed that the back was doing something funny when we were on holiday, there was a bubble where the zipper ended and the general look wasn't nice and neat. Also the invisible zipper isn't exactly invisible, but I'm willing to let that slide as its black and the dress is black so it's not so obvious...Also the seams do not join, there's about quarter of an inch difference to where they are, this might have occurred when I re-jigged the back to make it shorter.

Uneven seams 

 The bubbly back

Anyhow after the re-jigging dress the back still 'bubbles' (I'm using technical terms here) and on top of that it now looks a tad tight. I've been planning on losing a few pounds so I'm hoping once I get that done the dress will fit perfectly. I suspect that is a wishful thinking and a more practical approach would be to admit defeat and go back to the seam ripper and sort out the neckline, maybe lift the waist a bit as judging from the pics that might solve a few problems and maybe invest in some control pants... I'll keep you posted on progress if I make any that is.

You'll be pleased to know that my next project I have lined up won't be a dress (well I should finish the gingham dress but since we've had a fall-out I feel disheartened to go back to it) I'm planning on tackling the New Look top next, I'm thinking black with a contrasting collar, maybe cherry print or red. So what's on your sewing/project table dear readers? Ta-ra for now.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer breeze earrings

Unfortunately I've still not had a chance to take pictures of the black dress I made for NYC but the post is coming in the mean time I thought I'd share the cutest handbag I bought on sale the other day.

the Bag and matching trinkets

The turquoisey light blue is a bit out there considering that I'm scared of all colour apart from black, but the shape and the style of the bag was just too good to miss and I think I would have chosen the turquoise one even if they had black ones ... Scary thought.

Anyhow I have a slight obsession for matching things and with the whole being terrified of anything in colour I figured the best way to go about it was to find matching accessories. Obviously this turned out to be easier said than done so I was tres pleased to find a matching nail varnish even if I didn't find earrings or a scarf. Luckily I had some purple plastic earrings I'd worn to a 90s night a few weeks back that weren't really my colour lying around at home and after a few coats of the nail varnish ta-da perfectly matching earrings.

Before and after

And the question on everyones mind is won't the nail varnish chip from the earrings? Yes, it might do but I can report that so far the earrings have survived one outing and a trip to Helsinki and back in my bag so we shall see and I can always add another coat of nail varnish if they chip. 

I'm still working on finding a scarf or a necklace, and who knows maybe I'll even try a turquoise top one day... Enjoy the summer breeze dear readers!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The lazy summer blogger

Dear readers, I haven't forgotten you, it's just that summer always seems to turn me into a lazy blogger. I'm still in love with my Singer 160, but I've not been able to spend quite as much time with her as I would have liked to as I've been too caught up with the summer madness (I still don't know where its all come from but I'm not complaining) that is good time with friends, light rains, BBQs, going to gigs (90s techno being the fad) and enjoying life. 

And I also went to NYC for nearly two weeks which was/is the highlight of my summer. I did make a black dress for New York (which I didn't wear in the end cause it was too hot) but I've not got around taking pics of it yet, update to follow when I'm back on the right time-zone and get the pictures sorted (and maybe re-do the hem ...)

But New York, it was amazing. I fell in love with the City, the noise, the lights, the Brooklyn hipster markets, Central Park, the garment district, yummy sushi and just everything. I wasn't so organised that I would have booked a sewing lesson with the lovely Gertie, but they say you need to leave something to come back for and in a way I felt like I needed a break from sewing for a while. But I did visit the garment district and was over-whelmed by all the lovely stores and haberdashery you could find there. I went easy on the sewing shopping and only got a Simplicity pattern 2547 (I see sugar skulls!), some fray glue (which never seems to be in stock in Finland) and a french curve that could easily double up as a machete ...
Garment district

Adorable vintage Singer in a shop window

I also found these adorable bobbin earrings at an arts&craft market in Brooklyn and couldn't say no. Aren't they so adorable?
One of my fave NYC finds

I was also eyeing up a scissor necklace, but decided against it for some reason. Needless to say I'm now kicking myself, well maybe next time. So tell me what have you been up to all summer? 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Meet my new Singer 160

I've finally managed to sneak out of a work a bit early to go to the local sewing machine dealer. I've been admiring their shop window a few times already as the place is so twee. They have an amazing collection of old sewing machines on display, and they have pretty good selection of serviced machines available too. But I've always had a soft spot for Singers and its their 160 year anniversary this year so throwing all caution to the wind I might have ended up coming out with a brand new and shiny Singer 160. Ooops and squee. 

Here she is

Doesn't she look like she belongs there? I haven't had time to test out all the nifty features (there are loads!), but so far I'm in love automatic thread thingymibob, led lights and the feed works like a dream. I tried out a few of the fancier stitches, but of course I did it on the scrap of the gingham material so you can't really see them, facepalm.

Stitch testing on gingham

But I'm sure I'll test them out properly in the near future and I might even do a write up about it. So far I'm happy so fingers crossed. I can't wait to go back to the gingham dress and the few other projects I've been planning. Happy sewing everyone!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pondering patterns ...

Sewing machine or no sewing machine, that hasn’t stopped me from ordering more patterns online and then being all excited when getting them in the post. Online shopping is dangerous, it’s too easy. And this time I didn’t get caught up with the ‘tape it together madness’ ...  Talking of which I’ve finally finished sticking it together, good times. And I think I have the perfect fabric in mind for this pattern. 

While shopping for patterns I’ve been trying to look at others than just the Butterick and Vogue retro ones as my wardrobe could do with some sensible everyday pieces rather than big skirts that require petticoats.( I have a stash of Butterick and Vogue Retro patterns that I stroke but haven’t had the courage to make yet.) Keeping this firmly in mind I started browsing the pattern sites and this is what I ended up ordering.

New Look patterns

I can’t wait to try these out. The summer top pattern (6808) has a few different versions which I’m already thinking of making. The collar on view E makes me think of something nautical and view C with the bow on the collar is just adorable. I’m also thinking there might be a dress match for the Alexander Henry fabrics I bought a while back, though the Jackie O dress I made has been a firm favourite so I might make the bat dress using that ... Oh too many decisions.      

And this is where I failed on the think sensible and wearable ... but it is so pretty and it reminds me of a dress I saw in my Nan’s wardrobe on upon a time and I thought it was the prettiest dress ever, my mother agrees with me.    

Vogue pattern

I’m now going to browse some fabric stores sites and read up on sewing machines. Laters.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Dot mad girl - the home improvement edition

Now that I haven't had a sewing machine to keep me busy, I've been re-arranging furniture, changing curtains and doing other bits and bobs around the house. I still have a few ideas I haven't got around trying and I'm also planning on doing some gardening soon, I've heard its addictive ... 

My first project was the spare bedroom a k a my sewing room. I've been gathering ideas and admiring lovely spaces on Pinterest (see the board here ) for a while now and wondering how I could turn my spare bedroom into something similar without losing the guest room feel, though I must admit I do take over the whole room when I don't have people staying and occasionally I leave my work lying around for days, tut, tut.

Turns out swapping the furniture around and having a tidy up does wonders so here it is my new sewing space. I did also get some dotty boxes from Ikea to store my growing pattern and fabric collection.
My 'new' sewing space

The guest bedroom

My fabric and pattern stash or dotty Ikea boxes

Toola-Roola who also likes arts and crafts 

The My Little Pony is a christmas present from a dear friend from a few years back, the whole thing started off from a my little pony sweets pack on my previous birthday. It was decided that my alter ego is Toola-Roola, she's a bit outrageous and over the top, but according the packaging here she likes arts and crafts so it's all good. I thought she deserves a special space on my sewing table.
And the spare room isn't the only place I've been busy, I have some new dotty curtains in the kitchen (though I have not hemmed them yet, shhh don't tell anyone). I also planted some basil, thyme and coriander a few days ago and they're already making an appearace, yay. I'm usually pretty terrible with plants but fingers crossed these will survive and I'll have home grown herbs for the summer.

My dotty kitchen

Pink dotty curtains

The herbs (the coriander is tiny so you can't see it yet)

I also have plans to re-vamp my bedroom, I've made a start, but there's plenty more to do. The bedroom re-vamp started quite innocently during a trip to Ikea where I was encouraged by my mother to buy a chandelier, it's been downhill since... I'm now going to add some floaty purple curtains on top of my blackout curtain and I'm dreaming of a purple velvet headboard and some purple velvet cushions, but we'll see. The lovely Andrea B from four square walls -blog has a pintuck cushion tutorial in her blog, I think I'll be trying that one out once I get a new sewing machine.

Ta-ra for now.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Secret Birthday Bag

I’m still undecided what to do with the sewing machine. I need to take an afternoon off work to get to the dealer; they also do used and serviced machines there so I might have a look at their selection. I’ve also been eyeing up the Singer 160 anniversary edition, it's sooo pretty...

Anyhow to make sure I won’t just ramble on about sewing machines I thought I’d share this hand bag that I made a few weeks back, but as it was a birthday present I didn’t want to post it here until the birthday girl received it so it wouldn’t spoil the surprise. 

The Sugar Skull Bag  

I used Emma Brennan’s Making Vintage Handbags -book again. I decided to go for the 1950’s pattern called Vivien this time. I chose boring black cotton for the bag part as I thought I would spruce it up with a colourful bow. I knew that the birthday girl had been looking at the House of Holland sugar skull print stuff so I figured the Alexander Henry mini Calaveras would work. I’ve had a FQ of the fabric for ages and I’ve been toying of using it for several times but the projects have never felt quite right, it was obviously waiting for this one, (the Alexander Henry fabrics I posted about arrived after I started this project). I used the same cherry red dotty pink fabric for the lining as the skulls have almost the same colour on them and I like contrasting hand bag lining. 

Skully bow

What's in your bag? 

I’d ordered some magnetic snaps online after it took me forever to find some last time so I now have a stash at home. I’m terrible for hoarding sewing notions, luckily I’m not obsessed with buttons yet, that would probably be the end of me (or the space left in my house).
I must say I had envisioned the finished bag being a tad bigger so it would double-up as a day bag but it’s definitely on the small side, I think it's a even a tad smaller than what the instructions said it would be. You can still fit in a purse, phone, lipstick and keys so I suppose it could be smaller. Also I usually carry half of my earthly possessions with me so I need a suitcase not a hand bag. Anyhow the birthday girl likes the bag and I think she was saying she can fit all the essentials in there for a night out which is all good.

Over&out for now.