Thursday, 12 January 2012

A new year, a more active blog?

So autumn went by in breeze. The faux vintage handbag is still waiting for its finishing touches and I seem to have neclegted most of my crafts. Work's been busy, social life's been busier, but I've promised myself I will devote more time for crafts and the blog this yet, no silly excuses!

Fear not I've not been totally craftless even if I've not managed to finish the faux vintage hand bag. I've rediscovered knitting and it makes endless train journeys seem less of a bore. My knitting isn't great and  so far the grand total lies at two pairs of socks. The first ones were practice run and hende rather simple stripey ones to reintroduce making heels and gussets and all that jazz. The other pair are a nice moss green in an argule pattern that I knitted for my brother for Christmas (he wasn't quit over-joyed by the present but he didn't hate them so ... ). And of course I didn't take pictures of the finished socks, but I will update them soon along with the pics of the stripey socks that are currently staying in Helsinki.

I found the pattern for the argyle socks from my new favourite freebie webzine which can be found at They have some amazing knitting patterns and ideas and useful tutorials for all of us not quite master knitters. I've I'm dying to try out the knitted silver earrings but I might need to level up my knitting. I'm currently working on a pair of purple socks in the fruit loop pattern.

Here's the progress so far ...

And a close up of the Fruit Loop pattern

The yarn is Novita's TicoTico and the pattern can be found at

Over and out for now, more to follow when I'm back from my travels in a weeks time.

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