Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Knitting on trains

So you’ll be pleased to know I don’t fall asleep on trains quite as much as I do one planes so I have made some progress with my current sock project. As I mentioned in my last post the first sock is finished and I’m currently starting on the heel of the second one. Good news is I have found the misplaced instructions with my notes on them so the heels should look alike even though the colouring will be slightly different. 

                            The finished sock as modeled by yours truly 

You can quite easily spot where I've swapped needles on this one and the stich isn't superduper even but the pattern looks fruit loopy to me. The yarn I've used is dyed so that you get the stripey effect while knitting it, I would not have the patience for this many stripes otherwise.

                             The cuff and leg of sock number two

And finally some evidence that I did indeed knit my lil brother some socks for Christmas ...

I'm pretty pleased with how this pair turned out even though my knitting was a bit uneven to begin with, but it got nicer and neater after I'd done the pattern once and I even learnt to pick up some lost 'top' stiches on the way. I managed to drop quite a few stitches while carrying these with me, the socks were almost entirely knitted on trains from Lahti to Helsinki or Helsinki to Lahti and I'm yet to figure out how to transport knits so that I don't lose the stitches on the way. The double-heel was easier than I remembered, but then I did knit a practice pair of stripey socks for myself before starting these.

The pattern is called Fargyles and it can be found at knitty.com. I used Novita’s ‘Seitsemän veljestä’ yarn in some in a green shade, I’m pretty sure its not racing car green, maybe its a moss green anyhow the pattern was lovely and fairly quick to knit thanks to the clear instructions, a repeat pattern and biggish needle size. I have some black yarn waiting so I’m a bit tempted to knit a black pair next.

I’m also thinking about adding mittens to my rather limited knitting repertoire, but we shall see. My mamaa got me a lovely book called Lise-Lotte Lystrup's ”Ne ihanat neuleet” (Vintage knitwear for modern knitters) a few years back for Christmas. The book has lovely vintage inspired knitting patterns for boleros, jumpers and scarves. I’m still gathering courage to try one of the patterns as my stokinette stitch isn’t quite as even as I would like it to be,  but maybe some day soon and no doubt you will be bored to tears with progress reports and/or me whinging about reading the pattern back to front or something, but for now I will stick to socks.

Over and out m'dears. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Knitting on planes?

So I'm back from my travels, but I'm currently lacking t'internet connection at home so updating is a bit of a tricky. Hopefully this t'internetless existence will soon be over so I can post some photos on my sock progress which hasn't been quite as brilliant as I would hope, but I have to finished the first one and started the second one. At this rate they might be ready for the summer, I'm sure woollen socks are as good then as they would be now.

I had vision of me knitting the whole flight to New Delhi, I even got the bamboo needles so that I could bring them on the plane, but alas this was not to be as I happily snored my way through the seven hour flight and I did the same on the way back. I always sleep on planes so I don't know why I thought I wouldn't on this flight, but there you go.

Anyhow the first sock is doing fine. It fits really well and I think I might be able to use it(them) with my boots as the yarn isn't so thick. The inside isn't quite so nice and neat (no photo evidence will be released) as I would have hoped, but then the socks are for me so its not the end of the world. And they look pretty and fruit loopy even though you can see the needle change quite clearly in the pattern having said that the change is not so visible when the sock is worn.

The second one is coming along nicely, I just need to remember what adjustments I made to the pattern. I'm sure the original instructions would have been fine as well but I didn't have them with me whilst I was doing the heel so I made it up as I went. I did wrote some of it down so  ...

I also went for a quick weekend in England to see my best gals and try to get some of my remaining stuff home. The latter didn't go quite so well but I did see my gals so all was well. Mog had gotten me this wonderful books called Pretty in Punk - 25 punk, rock and goth knitting projects. It has the pattern for the woollen hat Martin Gore wore on the Touring the Angel -tour, squee!!! Needless to say I'm dying to try out some of the patterns and I have promised Mog to make her the Martin Gore hat, maybe that could be a really late pay it forward thing, eh?

                             Martin Gore in his mohawk hat (pic stolen from t'internet)

Over and out for now. Mwah.