Thursday, 22 March 2012

A dotty Jackie O dress

I know I said that I would be sticking to bows or fingerless gloves in the last post, but I was feeling particularly brave after finishing the long seams of the dress of doom and before hemming the damned thing. Also I had the dotty poplin I bought the weekend before waiting for me so I couldn't resist turning it into a dress.

I decided to try the Jackie O dress from the Famous Frocks - patterns and instructions for 20 fabulous iconic dresses! My mum got me the book for Christmas (she always buys me the best presents, thanks mum!). The book title is a tad misleading as the patterns are more or less modern re-workings of the iconic dressess, not actual replicas, but the Jackie O dress still looked adorable and it has pockets added to it which I thought was pretty cool. I must say I was a bit disappointed that the book doesn't have pictures of the finished dresses just artist impressions so it's difficult to know what the finished product will look like.

                         What I was aiming for - the wonderful Jackie O 

I copied the patterns on Friday night (staying in is the new going out in case you hadn't heard). After the doom dress disaster I decided it would be best to make a mock up of the top just to be sure I knew what I'm doing and to see what the fit is like. The mock-up was easy enough to make and the fit was surprisingly good so I decided to continue with the dotty material.

                                      Scissors and patterns ready to go

The dress came together really nicely. My usual downfalls were easily avoided as the pattern had the interfaced lining to finish the neckline and armholes. I've used this technique before I will most certainly be using it again.

                            My neckline and armhole problems taken care of

I used an invisible zipper this time and I had no problems, it as so much less hassle than the doom's dress. I almost felt it was too easy, like I was cheating, but it's there and it works and it looks ok as well which is positive. I'm rather tempted to stick to invisible zips in the future, or maybe I should make it my task for this year to conquer all kinds of zips.

And I made pockets for the first time. They were easier than I though and fun, I might be adding them to everything I make in the future, well maybe not to socks and mittens but ... 

                               A skirt with pockets!

I went to see Nouvelle Vogue at Korjaamo last night so the dress got its first outing. The gig was brilliant and the dress fitted fine though I might need to re-adjust the side seams of the skirt as they don't seem drape just right, but that might be more to do with the weight of the fabric than anything else. And I suspect there will always be room for improvement in every project I make ... 

                                          A Dot mad girl


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