Sunday, 18 March 2012

Final Score: Doom Dress 10 - 11 Essi

I mentioned a losing battle against a simple black dress in earlier this week, obviously my luck changed. Here are some of the high lights and low lights of the process.

I first made this dress using the Burda Supereasy 3258 pattern over ten years ago (gosh that makes me feel old).  I have a sneaky suspicion bit was the first dress I ever made, I would like to say by myself but my Nan who was a seamstress was there to help. I remember fighting with the neckline and arm holes a lot and I used a thick black knit for it which wouldn’t fold nicely. The finished result looked very home-made and the dress was a bit short but I loved and I used to wear it soo much. The dress saw its final day when my wardrobe collapsed in a room that had just been painted and it got some blue paint over it, I remember being rather gutted about it and I still am not that I would fit into the dress anymore but it has sentimental value.

I would love to say that my sewing skills have gone a level (or two) up since ten years ago,  I might have even said that I'm almost an intermediate sewer until this project came along, I'm now forced to admit to myself that I'm still a beginner, oh well di-dums, or maybe this  was just one of those projects that were doomed to begin with.

Either way the neckline was a problem (again) but I managed to solve it with somewhat better results than last time ie no bulky material around the neck and armholes. After some adjusting (read loads) I got the neckline roughly where I wanted it to be. I used blue biased binding to fold the neckline and armholes nice and neatly and to give it a slightly more finished look on the inside. I only realised whist writing this that the blue bias binding is almost the same colour as the paint that ruined the first dress.

                                        True Blue bias binding ...

The zipper turned out to be my other arch nemesis in this project even though I’ve had some success with them in the past. I will be sticking to invisible zippers in future, they are so much easier. I did wonder why I didn't go for one in this dress when I unpicked the zipper for the 2nd time, but at that point it had be come a battle and I wasn't going to give up. After lots of unpicking, a few dirty words anda stroke of luck I managed to get the zipper in place. I did find an interesting glue zipper tutorial at the sewmamasew blog  which I would have tried out had I had glue handy, but alas  I might try out if I ever have the great idea of adding a zipper to something in the future.

                                      My best friend the unpicker and seam ripper

After I got those two 'minor' things sorted the rest seemed easy, it was just long, straight seams. I had the dress nearly finished on Thursday but I didn't get around hemming it until today (cause I might have started on another project on Friday more of which later).  Here are a few pics of the finished results, please excuse the mess in the background. 

                           The very boring doom dress as modelled by your truly

I’m not going go into more detail about the things that aren't right with the dress, the list is too long, despite the flaws I'm sure I'll wear the dress at some point as its a little black dress and I wear those a lot. The good news is I can now move onto other projects like dotty fingerless gloves or bows, I like bows, they're less hassle.

And on that note over&out m'dears.

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