Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Good on paper..?

So I ordered my first e-pattern today.  I was very excited about the idea of not having to wait for the pattern in the post, but to be able to have it there straight away even though I don't even have a fabric in mind for this particular pattern. I know you get the same instant gratification if you go in to a store and buy a pattern but the stores in Finland tend to only stock Burda patterns and I've been admiring the Butterick Retro series for ages. Also the e-patterns being slightly cheaper didn't put me off at all.

So the idea was good on paper but the reality of it isn't so grand. I didn't quite realise the pattern would be on 61, yes 61 A4 papers that I will have to stick together. I had visions of maybe 15 or 20 sheets that I would be sticking together which I now know was a bit optimistic. But the pattern is pretty and I'm not in a hurry so if I do it a few sheets at the time I should get there before summer, right?

                                   Butterick Misses B5603 pattern on 61 A4 papers 

                  I have a sneaky suspicions I'm going to need a bigger kitchen table for this  ...

As you can see I've given it a start, I've done seven pieces so far so I only have another 53 pieces to go. That should keep me out of trouble for a while. Ta-ra for now.

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