Sunday, 25 March 2012

SSK, p2 tog and k1 tbl

In other words the heel and the gusset of the 2nd Fruit Loop sock are finally done. Yay! I managed to decipher my hastily scribbled notes on the changes I made; well at least I think I did. The heels turned out roughly the same, not that you can tell when you’re wearing them anyway. And as I mention before the socks are for me so I’m treating them as a learning curve, not that I will ever remember the SKKs, p2 togs, right twists and others, but that’s what YouTube and knitting videos are for, right? And now that I got the 'tricky part' (the dechipering that is!) out of the way, the rest should be breeze, I might even have these finished before Easter (2013 that is).

                              The 2nd heel and gusset all done and dusted 

                             The stripey ball of yarn  

I’ve not got around doing much else crafty over the weekend unless you count spending hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration ... But I did make some pretty good cheese cake even if I so say myself and yes, I found the recipe on Pinrest. 

Keep calm and carry yarn (as the bag I’m currently coveting says).

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