Friday, 9 March 2012

What - No knitting?

Yes, no knitting in this post, not even a itsy bitsy progress report on fruit loops, just basting and sewing and handbags for now.

So I have finally finished the faux vintage bag I started last year. I seem to be very good at starting sewing/craft projects, but not so good at finishing them at least not very quickly. I suppose I get distracted too easily (Oh pretty shiny things! Oh look a new fun project!) and if I don't have time to finish the project in one go (which I rarely have) I might leave it for weeks or even months before going back to it, but the good news is I usually do go back to them sooner or later. 
This  particular project came to a halt because there was just too much else happening at the time and I couldn't decided if I wanted the bag to be a dead of the dead inspired sugar skull bag or just dotty one or something completely different and then somewhere along the way I just lost interest. But now after weeks and weeks I decided to pick up the project again and I'm glad I did as I am now the owner of a new handbag with dots. 
The bag was fairly easy to put together as Brennan’s book takes you through the stages with the help of some clear pictures. I had some trouble when turning the bag inside out when doing the lining as the coutil with the iron on interfacing is rather stiff, but after some swearing and a few attempts I managed it. And obviously after I managed that I had to go back and turning it over again as I had to make the lining a bit smaller as it was puckering inside the bag despite having had cut it smaller to begin with.

I ended up making the bow out of this pretty sheer dotty material and some black cotton I had lying around. I was thinking of making the bow out of just the sheer material, but I figured it would be easier to make it double-layered also that way it would be vaguely resemble the one in the book, not that I'm saying going creative and adding your own finishing touches bad but I liked the original shape. Anyhow here's a few pics from along the way

                              Basting in pink

                              Turning into a bag ..?

                              Bow or black lips?

                              Meet Dorothy

I’m hoping to make some matching gloves (well fingerless gloves I’m not that ambitious) out of the sheer dotty material which I used for the bow and I’m already thinking of zillions other accessories I could make from the fabric to go with the bag. Maybe some bow earrings though I always think black earring blend with my hair too well, same problem with black hair accessories ... maybe I should go blond.

On that note tatty-bye for now.

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