Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fruit Loops

I'm afraid I didn't make quite as much progress with the gingham dress as I wanted to over the weekend so I have nothing to interesting to report on the dress front. I think the zipper scared me too much, but I will tackle it soon, I promise. In the mean time please enjoy evidence that I have indeed finished the Fruit Loop socks.

I'd nearly forgotten I'd finally finished knitting them the week before even though I've been wearing them lots. I get cold feet a lot. Finishing them still took me long enough, didn't it? The worst part is that the unfinished sock sat on my desk for a good two weeks before I got around finishing the toe which in the end took me about an hour, tut, tut. I even used a different method, round toe I think its called, from the one in the original pattern as I just couldn't get my head around grafting. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try that in my next sock project whenever that might be as I've been somewhat wrapped up in dresses and dreaming of neat sewing spaces (and possibly spending too much time on Pinterest) recently.

                                    Anyhow here are the finished socks 

So they're not perfect, but it was good practice and fun. I noticed that there is something strange going on with my stockinette stitch when I swap from needle to another ... I have no idea how I do it or what I do, but the result is pretty awful. It's not quite so visible in the pictures, wearing the socks also seems to have worn the gap down, but there's still a few hick-ups there ...

                                    Weird stockinette stitch + a few other hick-ups 

I definitely need to work on those before I can even dream making any of the vintage knits I mentioned in an earlier post as you wouldn't want a weird line or some strange jumps in the middle of your bolero, now would you? I didn't have this problem with the socks I knitted for my lil brother so maybe if I stick to thicker wool, but then that's not really going to work on the vintage knits. More practice it is then, maybe the mittens I've been pondering upon or possibly something a tad more summery as its only around the corner.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more dress news in the coming week. Ta-ra for now.

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