Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gingham dress - the bodice

I went to the fabric store on Friday and they still had some of the black and white gingham I had bought earlier. Good times. I must say I was a tad worried after I cut the bodice and discovered I didn't have enough fabric for the skirt, but then I could have always changed the skirt from a full circle skirt to something else less full so no need to lose sleep over it. I also bought some pale pink cotton to use as lining. I seem to have a thing for contrasting lining, but it looks cute, and the black and white gingham is thick enough so the lining doesn't show through the fabric.

                            Pink Lining


I started working on the bodice on Saturday after washing the lining and the gingham (separately I hasten to add) Friday night. I had some trouble with the dart marks on my gingham fabric, mainly that I couldn't see them, but after some pinning I managed them. I've seen crafty blogger's use pieces of thread to indicate the darts, tacking I think its called, I will be investigating this method further in the future. It can go on my list of new sewing techniques to try this year. 

Other than that little hiccup the bodice construction was pretty straight forward, I suppose making the mock-up took care of the worst pitfalls. The seams lined up well, pressing made the darts nice and neat, and I didn't have to spend time with my best friend the unpicker. For some reason I thought (or rather didn't think) it would be a good idea to under stitch the bodice with black thread. Needless to say it doesn't look too good as my stitching isn't very neat and my sewing machine has had a mind of its own all weekend (I think it needs to be looked at by someone). Next time I will be mostly using a thread colour closer to the lining.

                                       The not at all neat under stitch

Apart from the not so pretty under stitching, I'm fairly pleased with the bodice. The fit seems good, the gingham looks nice and you can't see the mess I made out of the under stitch while wearing the dress so all good.

                                    The almost finished bodice as modeled by my coat hanger

I'm going to tackle the skirt this week or next weekend at the latest. I will keep you posted. Over&out for now. 


  1. looks great so far - love the gingham!

    1. Thanks Sue. The gingham was so summery I couldn't resist it, even though it's not quite summer here yet.