Friday, 13 April 2012

The making of a dress ...

As I promised in the last post this one has something to do with dresses.

                              This is what I'm currently attempting to the make  ... 

I was originally going to use the gingham for a 50s style dress, that I found in the Burda Easy magazine, but after making a mock-up of the bodice I decided against it, as the bodice wasn't at all flattering and it would have needed lots of adjusting to be wearable. I'm hoping that I will get around adjusting it in the near future as the pleated skirt is tres pretty, but I just wasn't in the mood for it now or maybe I can just make the skirt when the mood takes me.

I had ordered the Butterick B5748 retro dress pattern, when had they're crazy all patterns for $2.99 sale on a few weeks back. The patterns (yes, there are more!) arrived sometime last week so I've had time to look at them and day-dream of making them. I'd bought enough fabric for the Burda dress so I've just discovered I will have to go back and buy another meter and half for the skirt part. I also going to need lining for this one so a quick visit to the fabric store doesn't seem like too much effort and who knows what else I will find there.

So after deciding to use B5748, I studied the measurements at the back of the pattern envelope and noticed to my horror that the closest size is a 16 (yikes), good news is I'm over it now after reminding myself that it's a sewing pattern and the sizes are completely different to clothing sizes. I've gotten a bit more patient with my sewing so I decided to make a mock-up again.

                             And this is why I make mock-ups ...

As you might see from the picture the bust is a bit on the large side and the neckline is a tad too wide for me which I find in most commercial patterns. I was surprised that the darts seemed to be in the right places even though the bust was a bit big. I took the side seams in about an 1.5cm (not on the waist though) which made a difference. I've also attempted to move the neckline on the pattern in a not so professional manner, but I'm hoping it will work on the actual dress. I really do need to brush up on pattern alteration. Any good links to tutorials on how to do this?

I've started cutting the dress, but I need to get more fabric for the back of the skirt and the lining so working on the dress will have to wait til Saturday and when I've got the fabrics pre-shrunk. I'm going to spend some time with the dress over the weekend so hopefully I will have some more progress to report next week.

Have a fab weekend dear readers.

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  1. Essi, I googled for pattern alterations and found a monster online with detailed instructions. I printed it out and it runs to lots of pages. I found it at http://digital.library.unt.ark:/67531/metadc1720/ml/l
    What you should be looking at it "Pattern Alteration" from the Farmers' Bulletin No 1968, published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.