Monday, 21 May 2012

Dot mad girl - the home improvement edition

Now that I haven't had a sewing machine to keep me busy, I've been re-arranging furniture, changing curtains and doing other bits and bobs around the house. I still have a few ideas I haven't got around trying and I'm also planning on doing some gardening soon, I've heard its addictive ... 

My first project was the spare bedroom a k a my sewing room. I've been gathering ideas and admiring lovely spaces on Pinterest (see the board here ) for a while now and wondering how I could turn my spare bedroom into something similar without losing the guest room feel, though I must admit I do take over the whole room when I don't have people staying and occasionally I leave my work lying around for days, tut, tut.

Turns out swapping the furniture around and having a tidy up does wonders so here it is my new sewing space. I did also get some dotty boxes from Ikea to store my growing pattern and fabric collection.
My 'new' sewing space

The guest bedroom

My fabric and pattern stash or dotty Ikea boxes

Toola-Roola who also likes arts and crafts 

The My Little Pony is a christmas present from a dear friend from a few years back, the whole thing started off from a my little pony sweets pack on my previous birthday. It was decided that my alter ego is Toola-Roola, she's a bit outrageous and over the top, but according the packaging here she likes arts and crafts so it's all good. I thought she deserves a special space on my sewing table.
And the spare room isn't the only place I've been busy, I have some new dotty curtains in the kitchen (though I have not hemmed them yet, shhh don't tell anyone). I also planted some basil, thyme and coriander a few days ago and they're already making an appearace, yay. I'm usually pretty terrible with plants but fingers crossed these will survive and I'll have home grown herbs for the summer.

My dotty kitchen

Pink dotty curtains

The herbs (the coriander is tiny so you can't see it yet)

I also have plans to re-vamp my bedroom, I've made a start, but there's plenty more to do. The bedroom re-vamp started quite innocently during a trip to Ikea where I was encouraged by my mother to buy a chandelier, it's been downhill since... I'm now going to add some floaty purple curtains on top of my blackout curtain and I'm dreaming of a purple velvet headboard and some purple velvet cushions, but we'll see. The lovely Andrea B from four square walls -blog has a pintuck cushion tutorial in her blog, I think I'll be trying that one out once I get a new sewing machine.

Ta-ra for now.

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