Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pondering patterns ...

Sewing machine or no sewing machine, that hasn’t stopped me from ordering more patterns online and then being all excited when getting them in the post. Online shopping is dangerous, it’s too easy. And this time I didn’t get caught up with the ‘tape it together madness’ ...  Talking of which I’ve finally finished sticking it together, good times. And I think I have the perfect fabric in mind for this pattern. 

While shopping for patterns I’ve been trying to look at others than just the Butterick and Vogue retro ones as my wardrobe could do with some sensible everyday pieces rather than big skirts that require petticoats.( I have a stash of Butterick and Vogue Retro patterns that I stroke but haven’t had the courage to make yet.) Keeping this firmly in mind I started browsing the pattern sites and this is what I ended up ordering.

New Look patterns

I can’t wait to try these out. The summer top pattern (6808) has a few different versions which I’m already thinking of making. The collar on view E makes me think of something nautical and view C with the bow on the collar is just adorable. I’m also thinking there might be a dress match for the Alexander Henry fabrics I bought a while back, though the Jackie O dress I made has been a firm favourite so I might make the bat dress using that ... Oh too many decisions.      

And this is where I failed on the think sensible and wearable ... but it is so pretty and it reminds me of a dress I saw in my Nan’s wardrobe on upon a time and I thought it was the prettiest dress ever, my mother agrees with me.    

Vogue pattern

I’m now going to browse some fabric stores sites and read up on sewing machines. Laters.


  1. Ooh, great choices.
    I've got the NL 6000 dress, but have yet to try making it. I've also got the NL 6808 blouse and have actually sewn it (in polka dotted fabric, no less)! Leah (over at just shared an adorable version of the collared + bow version. :)

    1. Your NL6808 polka dotted is so cute, I love what you did with the neckline. And thanks for the link, it's nice to see that the collar and bow work in real life, not just the drawings. :)