Monday, 14 May 2012

Secret Birthday Bag

I’m still undecided what to do with the sewing machine. I need to take an afternoon off work to get to the dealer; they also do used and serviced machines there so I might have a look at their selection. I’ve also been eyeing up the Singer 160 anniversary edition, it's sooo pretty...

Anyhow to make sure I won’t just ramble on about sewing machines I thought I’d share this hand bag that I made a few weeks back, but as it was a birthday present I didn’t want to post it here until the birthday girl received it so it wouldn’t spoil the surprise. 

The Sugar Skull Bag  

I used Emma Brennan’s Making Vintage Handbags -book again. I decided to go for the 1950’s pattern called Vivien this time. I chose boring black cotton for the bag part as I thought I would spruce it up with a colourful bow. I knew that the birthday girl had been looking at the House of Holland sugar skull print stuff so I figured the Alexander Henry mini Calaveras would work. I’ve had a FQ of the fabric for ages and I’ve been toying of using it for several times but the projects have never felt quite right, it was obviously waiting for this one, (the Alexander Henry fabrics I posted about arrived after I started this project). I used the same cherry red dotty pink fabric for the lining as the skulls have almost the same colour on them and I like contrasting hand bag lining. 

Skully bow

What's in your bag? 

I’d ordered some magnetic snaps online after it took me forever to find some last time so I now have a stash at home. I’m terrible for hoarding sewing notions, luckily I’m not obsessed with buttons yet, that would probably be the end of me (or the space left in my house).
I must say I had envisioned the finished bag being a tad bigger so it would double-up as a day bag but it’s definitely on the small side, I think it's a even a tad smaller than what the instructions said it would be. You can still fit in a purse, phone, lipstick and keys so I suppose it could be smaller. Also I usually carry half of my earthly possessions with me so I need a suitcase not a hand bag. Anyhow the birthday girl likes the bag and I think she was saying she can fit all the essentials in there for a night out which is all good.

Over&out for now. 


  1. what a cute bag! I've been drooling over the 160th anniversary Singer too...

  2. Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with it too. The anniversary is Singer is pretty, I'm might have to test while looking for machines. ,D