Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer breeze earrings

Unfortunately I've still not had a chance to take pictures of the black dress I made for NYC but the post is coming in the mean time I thought I'd share the cutest handbag I bought on sale the other day.

the Bag and matching trinkets

The turquoisey light blue is a bit out there considering that I'm scared of all colour apart from black, but the shape and the style of the bag was just too good to miss and I think I would have chosen the turquoise one even if they had black ones ... Scary thought.

Anyhow I have a slight obsession for matching things and with the whole being terrified of anything in colour I figured the best way to go about it was to find matching accessories. Obviously this turned out to be easier said than done so I was tres pleased to find a matching nail varnish even if I didn't find earrings or a scarf. Luckily I had some purple plastic earrings I'd worn to a 90s night a few weeks back that weren't really my colour lying around at home and after a few coats of the nail varnish ta-da perfectly matching earrings.

Before and after

And the question on everyones mind is won't the nail varnish chip from the earrings? Yes, it might do but I can report that so far the earrings have survived one outing and a trip to Helsinki and back in my bag so we shall see and I can always add another coat of nail varnish if they chip. 

I'm still working on finding a scarf or a necklace, and who knows maybe I'll even try a turquoise top one day... Enjoy the summer breeze dear readers!

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