Friday, 24 August 2012

Back to sewing wonderland

I posted a few New Look patterns a few months back (seriously where does the time go? Tick-tock) and  good news is that I've finally got away from the PS3 and onto making a start with  the New Look 6808  blouse, view C. It's the one with the collar and cute little bow.

I had some black (surprise!) cotton lying around that I meant to use as lining for a dress, but as I've not got around doing that yet I decided to put it to 'better' use and make what will hopefully be a wearble mock-up of the blouse. I also got to test out the machete/french curve I bought in NYC, I keep wondering how on earth I survived without one. No doubt I'll be hoarding more and more 'useful' sewing notions into my collection after this realistion ,D

Markinng with a machete 

The cutting went fine (or that's what I thought), the darts are in the right place and the top seems to sit quite right. I will need to shorten the hem as it looks a tad on the long side. The next thing will be attaching the collar, so far the instructions have confused me a bit and I'll probably end up doing it backwards.
The confusing collar 

I've basted the collar and pinned the front and back facing and it seems that I've got it the right way around, but I'm not going to sew it until I've double-checked tomorrow or over the weekend. I'll keep you posted on the progress. Ta-ra for now.

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