Thursday, 16 August 2012

Curiouser and curiouser ...

I’ve been playing American McGee’s Alice - the Madness Returns on the PS3 recently and it reminded me that I ordered these amazing Alice in Wonderland fabrics from Nappikauppa Punahilkka (; the shop is excellent, quick delivery and excellent customer service) last autumn but I've still not got around using them.

    Down the rabbit hole

                            "Oh, you ca'n't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here".

I’ve been trying to decided what to make of the fabrics as they’re both rather small pieces. I’m somewhat tempted to turn the 1st one into an underbust corset (or at least a few corset panels teamed with some black and white stripey material and gold boning cases) and some sort of hair thing to go with said corset, maybe a giant bow with gilded edges. I also have some gilded crown embellishments in my box of magic that would work quite nicely together.

   Off with her head! (Dance til your dead)

I’m toying with using the 2nd one as handbag lining, I think it would be a lovely surprise when you open your bag and there’s a piece of Wonderland but I’m not sure yet. I might end up using it for something else like oven mitts or pockets for a dress. Too many choices. Ideas and suggestions welcome my lovelies.

And yes, I am a slight (understatement of the year!) PS3 addict. The games seem to be keeping me from all my crafts at moment but hus-hus, we're not telling anyone.

Tattybye for now.

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