Friday, 3 August 2012

First cut cuts deeper than the rest ...

I made this dress pre-New York with the intention of wearing it there (and maybe posing under the Tiffany& co. sign) but it was far too hot for that and while I was there I also noticed that the back needed some more work so since I I've been spending some quality time with my best friend the seam ripper again. 

I found this fantastic black (you didn't see that one coming, did you?) strecth material from Eurokangas, I might need to get more if they still have it in stock as its amazing and the drape is good. I love(d) the fit and the pockets in the Jackie O dress I made a while back so I decided to be lazy and not bother with mock-ups (bad plan as I noticed later on) go straight to cutting which was fine and then I made up the bodice and that went smoothly until I got to the

The stupid thing is that I was just thinking to myself that I should be extra careful with the scissors as I'm dead tired and I don't want to ruin to the dress and two seconds later I cut a bit too deep and there's a gash in the shoulder strap.

The cut

However I will confess to being too lazy to cut and re-do the bodice so I hand-stitched it and it seems to work. It's not really visible when the dress is being worn as it's quite small. I might reinforce it with some fabric glue if it starts to look like the fabric will fray.

The finished black dress

Summer scenes from Helsinki

The front of the dress doesn't look too bad but (no projects without the but in this blog!) the pockets are a tad too visible for my liking even when there is nothing in them and the neckline doesn't lie flat when the dress is being worn and I move around in it which I do a lot. I don't have this problem with the dotty dress so I'm a bit baffled as to what has happened, but the black fabric is thicker so that probably is the reason behind it. I'm thinking that taking the darts in a bit more on the neckline and making it smaller might help it lie flat, but I'm not too sure. I really miss my McCall's sewing in colour (which disappear in the move) so I could check for sensible fitting advice. Any recommendations for good books on fitting highly appreciated. Ta.

And the problems with the dress don't end there, oh no, that would be too easy. As I mentioned I noticed that the back was doing something funny when we were on holiday, there was a bubble where the zipper ended and the general look wasn't nice and neat. Also the invisible zipper isn't exactly invisible, but I'm willing to let that slide as its black and the dress is black so it's not so obvious...Also the seams do not join, there's about quarter of an inch difference to where they are, this might have occurred when I re-jigged the back to make it shorter.

Uneven seams 

 The bubbly back

Anyhow after the re-jigging dress the back still 'bubbles' (I'm using technical terms here) and on top of that it now looks a tad tight. I've been planning on losing a few pounds so I'm hoping once I get that done the dress will fit perfectly. I suspect that is a wishful thinking and a more practical approach would be to admit defeat and go back to the seam ripper and sort out the neckline, maybe lift the waist a bit as judging from the pics that might solve a few problems and maybe invest in some control pants... I'll keep you posted on progress if I make any that is.

You'll be pleased to know that my next project I have lined up won't be a dress (well I should finish the gingham dress but since we've had a fall-out I feel disheartened to go back to it) I'm planning on tackling the New Look top next, I'm thinking black with a contrasting collar, maybe cherry print or red. So what's on your sewing/project table dear readers? Ta-ra for now.

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