Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Knitting on trains (again)

I'm ashamed to say but I've been side-tracked from my Beignet project by the knitting, not that there is anything wrong with knitting, but it would be somewhat fab to finish one project before starting a new one, but then knitting is so different from sewing that it doesn't count (at least not in my mind) ... And in my defense I've been spending quite a bit of time on trains and carrying knitting around is a lot easier than taking my sewing with me... 

Surprise, surprise  I'm still continueing with socks but I think after these projects (yes, plular I've gone sock mad) I might be ready to try something a bit more challenging and probably something from the vintage knits book I have sitting on my shelf. Having said that my mom subscribes to a Finnish knitting magazine Novita (who also have a rather cool website www.novita.fi with some free patterns) so I may raid her pattern stash for something suitable.

Good news is I've finished the first pair and they only took me a week, hurrah They're for a friend, the future owner of these might guess who she is presuming she reads the blog. These were pretty easy to do, the leg was knit 2, purl 2 and I used the trusted heel turning I learnt last winter, I doubt I'll use any other method every again. These turned out pretty neat even if I say so myself.

The finished stripey pair 

The second thing in the making is a pair of black Fargyles, the pattern is from the brill website www.knitty.com  I knitted socks with the same pattern last year for my lil bro. I liked knitting the pattern (not too taxing once you got the hang of it) and lil bro loved the socks so win-win. These ones aren't for little bro, but I'm hoping the recipient will be happy. 

Second pair of almost finished Fargyles

I may have gone a bit over-board with the knitting, but I've also started a third pair which will be a christmas pressie which I should finish in time cause I've started them easrly enough ... I copied the pattern from some lovely purple socks that my Nan made me years ago, the pattern is made with different colour so none of the weird jump over one stich an slip and purl together malarkey and it also made it easier to copy. 

And the start of a third pair 

But not to worry I have my sewing machine back and I'm itching to finish the Beignet skirt so I'll hopefully get around doing that and typing up an update later on in the week. Tattybye til then dear readers and get those needles clicking.

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