Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Facing lining ...

I seem to be getting my sewing and blogging hat back on, two posts within a week. Shockhorror. I found some time to (battle with) attach the beignet lining with the facing. The pinning went fairly smoothly even if the seams don't quite meet, but it's the lining so it's not a biggie, right?

Lining <3 Facing 

But this being me you can  probably guess that it didn't go quite as neatly as the previous picture suggests. I managed pucker up the lining and fold it over and sew on top of in several places which meant I got to spend even more quality time with my BFF (seam ripper for those not familiar with the blog).

Pucker up 

The hemming of the lining went surprisingly smoothly, no puckering or accidental folds or anything else strange which made a nice change. And I found the shell of the skirt, it was hiding with my sheets. "Who on earth stores half-fiinished sewing projects with sheets?" I hear you ask in chorus. The answer seems to be me even though I don't have a clue  why I thought it was a good idea at the time. Next time I've lost something I'll go straight there ...Though I must confess I have found my keys in the fridge a few times before so I guess it's just a habit.

I think said rather optimistically in the last post "I then have only attaching the lining and the shell to do and tadaa ...".  I lied. I had forgotten about the belt loops and I suspect I should also attach the buttons and maybe some do a few finishing touches so I doubt I'll finish the skirt during the week, but I'm hopeful about the weekend.

Over&out for now. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beignet part deux...

I've finally got back to making the Beignet skirt, whee. The shell is nearly done, but currently missing in action, I had friends staying for the weekend and I tidied my sewing space (which in real life is a spare room, but I use it for sewing more so ...) and projects in making, but I can't for the life of me remember where I put the shell. Facepalm. This could only happen to me.

Anyhow the construction so far has been a breeze, I can see what the buzz about Colette Patterns has been about. I currently am debating whether to make some adjustments to the sides or not. It looks fine as it is, but I keep thinking I could take it in a bit to make it more A-line, but then I would have to re-do the pockets which would effort though I suppose I could leave out the pockets altogether, but I heart skirts with pockets (and that was one of the things that drew me to the Beignet pattern in the first place!) and sigh. But I suspect I'll have time to ponder on that before I locate the shell again.

Today I've been battling the lining, tres more tricky that I thought it would be. I've obviously not worked with slippery materials in a while ... but it's all in one piece and looking fairly neat even if I say so myself. Next will be attaching the facing to the lining(will probably have to wait til another evening) and then if and when I find aforemention shell, the skirt will be done. I'm somewhat excited.

And those dying to know about my knitting, the current total is 5/6 socks done and I might have promised to knit another pair of socks before trying something. Facepalm.

But that is all for now. Over&out for now dear readers!