Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beignet part deux...

I've finally got back to making the Beignet skirt, whee. The shell is nearly done, but currently missing in action, I had friends staying for the weekend and I tidied my sewing space (which in real life is a spare room, but I use it for sewing more so ...) and projects in making, but I can't for the life of me remember where I put the shell. Facepalm. This could only happen to me.

Anyhow the construction so far has been a breeze, I can see what the buzz about Colette Patterns has been about. I currently am debating whether to make some adjustments to the sides or not. It looks fine as it is, but I keep thinking I could take it in a bit to make it more A-line, but then I would have to re-do the pockets which would effort though I suppose I could leave out the pockets altogether, but I heart skirts with pockets (and that was one of the things that drew me to the Beignet pattern in the first place!) and sigh. But I suspect I'll have time to ponder on that before I locate the shell again.

Today I've been battling the lining, tres more tricky that I thought it would be. I've obviously not worked with slippery materials in a while ... but it's all in one piece and looking fairly neat even if I say so myself. Next will be attaching the facing to the lining(will probably have to wait til another evening) and then if and when I find aforemention shell, the skirt will be done. I'm somewhat excited.

And those dying to know about my knitting, the current total is 5/6 socks done and I might have promised to knit another pair of socks before trying something. Facepalm.

But that is all for now. Over&out for now dear readers! 

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