Monday, 21 January 2013

Dotty sneak peek

So new year, new projects! I'm somewhat excited about this particular one as I've finally get to test out Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing (from here on GNBBS) which I got back in September. I've been wanting to try out pretty much all the patterns since I got the book, but the bow tied blouse ended up as the winner as it didn't seem like a project that would take forever to complete and it looked like something my wardrobe lacked.

What I'm currently working on.

I suspect the bow tied blouse is a tad on the summery side for the -15C temperatures outside, but I couldn't resist the dotty fabric and I promised myself I would use up some of the fabrics from my stash before buying new ones, we'll see how long I managed with that promise before being lead astray. The fabric is a cotton poplin so it's a bit lighter than the recommended fabric, but I'm hoping the pattern will still work. 

I've also dabbled at covering buttons, I know its suppose to be one of the last stages of the project but it was a easy little task that I could take with me to Helsinki. The covering was much fun, even if it works out more expensive doing it yourself than taking the fabric to the little button shop in town. I might have a look on eBay if I could find cheaper coverable buttons as I seem to be using them for every project at the moment. 

Some hand covered buttons 

I'm off to do some sewing now. Have a dotty day y'all!


  1. Essi, if you are finding the fabric a bit light to work with - and this goes for all fabrics in any project - use a spray starch to give it a bit of body and ease to work with. I make my own because it isn't slippery. It's a recipe that has been around for a very long while and well known in theatrical circles. The secret ingredient is Vodka. You will need one plastic spray bottle and I like to work on a 60/40 mix of water to vodka. With the water, used filtered or distilled and carefully add the water to your bottle. For instance, if it is a 1/2 litre bottle, 300ml water and 200ml of the cheapest straight vodka you can find. Just add a couple of drops of your favourite PURE essence (I like lavender) and you have the best pressing spray you'll ever get. It can also be used to refresh clothes that you may have worn but don't yet wish to launder (as long as they are still clean).
    Good luck with the blouse. It looks very pretty.

    1. hi Robyn,

      thanks for the input. I will defo have to keep that tip in mind. The blouse is slowly coming together, I might even have something to show for it next week.