Friday, 1 March 2013

Dotty top for a dot mad girl

As I hinted in the previous post I was close to fnished the dotty bow tied blouse from GNBBS I started back in January. The blouse was a breeze to make and I didn't run into huge disaster while piecing it together. The patterns pieces were clearly marked, the instructions easy to follow, though I misread step F but that's what you get for doing things late at night. And even the little mishap didn't affect the result so win.

I did skip the bound button holes that the pattern suggest as I wanted to finally test out the automatic button feature on my Singer 160th edition. (I seem to be more of a zipper kinda gal) Anyhow I'm pleased to report the automatic button feature works fine. You just pop the button into holder the and the machine does all the work which suits me fine, and the result is nice and neat. 

Singer 160th edition made button holes

Finished bow-tied blouse (photos courtesy of lil bro)

I think the waist might look better if it was an inch higher (or an inch bigger, but I'm currently in size denial, but I've taken up jogging so I live in hope...). Also the collar looks a bit tight, so I might re-do that if and when I have the energy. But all in all I'm pleased with how this turned out, I think. And I also think this one might grow on me and I'll wear it a lot, or it will stay in the cupboard never to worn, it's not a in the middle kind of top.In hindsight a mock-up might have been good to iron out aforementioned problems but then I can treat this as a trial piece, can't I?  The thinner summery fabric worked and the blouse looks pretty good with a black cardi on top so perfect for the summer (I'm always, always cold hence the cardi must)

And with a cardi 

There is just one little (major) but with the finished blouse and that has nothing to do with the pattern or the instructions but moi. This wouldn't be one of my projects if it wasn't flirting with disaster ... I discovered crayon type dress makers chalk while in NYC last summer. We don't have these in Finland, I was and still am stupidly excited by them, no more horrible white powder everywhere or pens that don't work,  I pretty soon discovered that this marvellous stuff comes off fabric when you iron it, it's magic I tell you, until now. I didn't bother doing a test piece (this is what being lazy gets you!) and now it seems that the lovely bright yellow won't come off the fabric. I've not washed the top yet so I haven't given up all hope.

We heart yellow..?

I'll report back what happens. If the yellow doesn't come off it's defo going in the mock-up pile. Which reminds me what do you lovely readers do with mock-ups? I've stored some of mine for a about 6months and then throw them away cause I can't come up with a good use for them. It seems like such a waste but until I stop being in size denial I don't think I can work without them. 

Enough babbling from me. Over&out for now. 


  1. Hi Essi
    It has turned out very nicely. I'm a patchworker and make toys for my granddaughters, but decided to take the plunge and make a dress for my niece's wedding (which is only a week away!).
    I've gone for a vintage Simplicity pattern, which I'm sure you might be familiar with. It's been released again. B5748. I bought a beautiful navy with white spot years ago and was just waiting for the perfect pattern. This is it. I'm lining with a fine navy and white check. It's my first foray into dressmaking since my youngest son was about seven. He is now 27.
    I gave up on size denial a good while ago. My biggest issue is the bustline versus the neckline. Having developed into a bigger girl across the boobs and middle, I go for the size that fits that, but have found that I end up with a gaping neckline. I was smart enough to get out the calico and do a test run on the bodice before over committing. I found I need to make to the armhole as the next size down, but extend the pattern out a size for the bust and waist. Once this issue was solved, it's been going swimmingly!
    Love your work : I've always had a thing for polkadots, yet strangely I haven't featured them in a quilt. Something to remedy soon! :)
    As a by the way, why don't you finish the mock ups and give them to charity shops? I'm sure they'd appreciate lovely, well made things for their store.

    1. Hi Robin,

      how are you getting on with the Simplicity B5748? I would love to see the progress and the finished product, if you have pictures anywhere. I found the same with the pattern, that the neckline was far too wide and I usually do test-runs on bodices as well, apart from said dotty top :)

      Polka dot quilt sounds lovely, you must make one soon.