Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Did someone mention cupcakes?

Turns out my next project wasn't a dress after all, quelly surprise, but it was fun. I’ve been wanting to make an apron for a while now, I have no idea why, but I just have. It might have started with the cute pink cupcake fabric I saw in EuroKangas or it might have been something else that triggered it ...

Yummy cupcakes

So I started looking out for ideas, I must admit I was a bit startled by the amount of apron patterns and books there are out there. Seriously why would you need a book with 25 different apron patterns? But each to their own and I must admit I did get a few apron books from the library to leaf through and they had some quite nice ideas, but none of the patterns spoke to me as such. I also came across this website that had some lovely vintage apron patterns that you can download.

Finally after some ‘research’ (I use the word loosely here) I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted the finished product to look like so I just cut the fabric and hoped of the best. I used a pleated skirt pattern (EasyBurda rockabilly dress which I might make one day) for the bottom as I wanted some fullness to it, but I didn’t have enough material for a circle skirt bottom. The top of the apron was done with the good old close your eyes, cut fabric and hope for the best –method and after some tiny adjusting it turned out ok.

Draping cakes

My friend is a baking enthusiast and she yummy cake so this seemed to perfect for her. She has also been talking about starting a blog about making cakes from around the wolrd so I made the apron for her so she can do silly poses with the apron and cakes (and hopefully she'll be insprired to bake me some cake too!). I'll link the blog or post some pictures of her and the apron once I get some until then you'll have to do with the one of me and the apron. 

Cupcake anyone?

Ta-ra for now. 


  1. Looks fab Essi! Have you heard of the programme Sewing Bee that's jus started on BBC? Bit like bake off but for sewers! X

    1. Thanks Fiona, you're too kind. I've heard about it on the blogosphere but I've not had time to look it up. I defo will, it sounds like fun and I expect there will be some amazing creations. X

  2. Love the apron. Where did you find the pattern. Big fat like.
    Also on the Missouri Star Quilt company site there is a tutorial for making aprons out of oversized teatowels. I've got the teatowels, but need to take the time to go back over the video. Only other thing one needs, fabric wise, is fabric for the ties and the pocket.

    1. Hi Robyn,

      I ended up using a pattern from Burda Easy Fasion (summer 2009) for the skirt part and the drawing the top free hand. I've been meaning to use the pleated skirt for other things too as it's fairly simple to make and I love the shape. Teatowel apron sounds cute, hope you find a nice fabric for the ties and pocket.