Thursday, 25 April 2013

Howling Houndstooth and the New Look 6000

I bought this lovely grey and black houndstooth knit well over a year ago with good intentions of turning it into a dress, but alas the fabric was left somewhere amongst the several boxes of fabric I seem to have accummulated in last few years ... ooops. Then I came across a lovely grey and black houndstooth dress on the Modcloth website a few months back and I was reminded of said fabric. I'd also ordered the New Look 6000 dress pattern a while back, but never got around making it until now! 

I'd seen some wonderful creations from this pattern over at  Scruffy Badger's blog  She's hosted two sew alongs for the pattern, maybe I'll be able to take part in the next one. I also found a super helpful tip on her site about leaving the zip out if making this dress from a double knit so no fighting against zips hurrah!

I was going to add pockets to the dress (as they are my fave thing) and I did to begin with, but somehow they didn't look right  (I suspect I added them too low) so I ended up taking them out.

Quality time with the BFF

I made the skirt part a bit more A-line than in the pattern and added small dart to the neckline in the back so that it would lie flat. Thanks Vogue sewing handbook for solving that one for me, I'll use this for a few other patterns in the future.

All in the all the dress came together surprisingly swiftly and I'm liking the fit. The only thing I had a bit of waffle were the sleeves. There were huge, for a while I thuoght I'd cut the wrong size for them, but having taken another look at the model on the pattern package I realised they we're meant to be like that. I took them in to make it look a bit more streamline. If (and when) I make the pattern again I will probably shorten the back an inch or so to as the back is a tiny bit too long, but nothing major and it's probably only me who notices it (or that's what I'm hoping anyway).

The finished dress  

The boyfriend is coming over at the weekend so I will get him to take some better pictures of the dress. You can't really see the detail in these.

I may have accidentally order Sewaholic's Cambie dress pattern so you probably have a fair idea of what I'm going to be working on next. Over&out for now.