Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The bats have left the bell tower ...

... Bela Lugosi's dead - undead, undead, undead. I was listening to Bauhaus in my head while working on the dress, something to with the bats on the fabric me thinks ,D

Anyhow here it finally is the finished bat print Cambie!

 Cambie bats 

Neat lining

And the neatest zipper I've put in so far

I made the tweaks to the pattern I mentioned in the last post ie. taking the bodice up a bit and making the skirt smaller before cutting my precious bat fabric. After the tweaks the sewing was a breeze, even the zipper didn't cause me a headache like usual. Though I will say I was a bit baffled with the attaching the lining to begin, but after reading Tasia from Sewabolic's blog post on how to attach the lining it made more sense. I did the pinning it all in as she advised to get my head around it. I have to say I'm in love with this lining method now, easy and neat and makes me think why haven't I done this before? Better late than never, I suppose.

So after all that I noticed that the skirt was still a tad too big for me so I had to tweak it a bit more as the skirt was too big from te back. Luckily my trusted Vogue had a few suggestion as to what to do, the tweaks I ended up looking for were for a flat behind, who would have thunk. I lengthened the skirt back seams to go all the way down  and it seemed to sort out the problem a bit. Next time (which will probably be soon as I heart my Cambie) I will try to sort this before putting the whole dress together, idea welcome. 

Cambie bats has already seen its first outing and I can report that the dress was comfy and worked well. Alas no compliments on how brill the dress is (biased opinion here?) but my friend commented about how ace the fabric is, she admitted to having visions of a batman logo style bat dress when I was telling her about bat dress I was making.

Over&out for now.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pink Cambie mock-up

As I've mentioned in several previous posts I've been working on the sewaholic Cambie dress recently. I was really excited to finally get the pattern as I've seen lovely versions all over the blogosphere in the last year or so, it seems to be the pattern to make and I'm all for jumping the band-wagon!

So I started with studying the measurements on the pattern package and finding out I was somewhere between three different sizes, yikes! So mock-up was the next logical step. I drew the pattern loosely connecting the three different sizes where I could, but it still seemed a bit messy. I finished the mock-up fairly quickly and here is the result.

 Pink mock-up pre-changes

It didn't look very flattering on Donna nor me. I felt a bit disheartened by the fit, but figured I might be able to be sort it out if all went well. My first point of attention was the waist which seemed to be too low. I've ran into this problem before, I seem to have a short torso as most patterns are too long for me so I should probably shortened them an inch for the mock-up to begin with. Anyhow taking the waist up an inch seemed to do the trick on the mock-up for the torso problem. I also took the side seams of the skirt part in a bit more so it wouldn't look too, too wide.

Pink mock-up post-changes

The mock-up looked better on me than it did on Donna, but alas I have no pics of that. Anyhow after these tweaks it seemed like a good idea to start with the bat fabric, but more of that later once I get the dress finished and pics taken. Over and out for now dear readers.