Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dotty New Look 6808

I made and mentioned this dotty New Look 6808 in the summer but never got around taking photos or blogging about until now, so here it finally is. The fabric is leftover from the Gertie's Bow blouse I made last spring (the one which I'm planning on tweaking one fine day), which in hindsight wasn't the best fabric as it doesn't drape that well. I was inspired by a dotty top from Dorothy Perkins and Susan from Sewin' Steady version of the New Look top where she cleverly pleated the collar.

Dotty 6808

Pleated collar 

The top was easy enough to put together as I've made it before. But I did adjust the lenght this time by taking an inch off the middle as the last version was way too long. I didn't add sleeves to this one (see a theme here?). I had a few hmmmm -moments trying to figure out how to add the pleats and made them even, but with some trial and error I succeeded  (well kinda). I should have probably had a bit more excess material to work with on the collar so the pleats would have been nicer ...

I only had a long, long white zipper in my stash (no idea why or where I've bought it) so I had to shorten it a bit. Luckily I came across this tutorial from threads magazine so I did some hand-stitching and ta-dah a proper length zipper. 

Shortened zipper

Nearly invisible zipper 

I'm pretty pleased with the overall result and I loved the fact that it was such a quick project without hours of tweaking and fitting. Having said that I've subsrcibed to a fitting course called Fast Track Fitting on Apparently you make slopers and then learn how to use them, I'm hoping it will be good. No doubt I'll report the results in the future (or four letter words about making said sloper). Ta-ra for now dear readers.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dotty for Peony.

After quite a bit of contemplation and a few (read many) tweaks to the mock-up I finally was brave enough to cut into my dotty black&blue fabric and do some sewing. And here is the result.

My first Peony! (one of many I suspect)

I ended up taking the front in a teeny bit more so that the collar lies flat when wearing the dress, it was crinkeling a bit on the mock-up. I also did a small sway back adjustment that I contemplated in the last post. I didn't test this on the mock-up so I'm fairly pleased with the result, I suspect I'll be doing this for most patterns from now on. The question is why haven't I realised this earlier? But I suppose better late than never.

What else? I  took in the side seams a bit on the waist (which might explain the slight pulling, but I'm not too sure about this one). I only have to unpick on side of  the zipper once, which might be a new record for me. I'm contemplating getting a invisible zipper foot, it might make life easier. Do you have them and are they worth it?

Surprisingly neat armholes, eh? 

I also used baby hem for the armholes. I was going to use bias binding at first, but I wanted to try something different and came across "baby hem" on I've used it way back when I did sewing as a teenager but not recently, I suspect I will be using it a lot more in the future cause it's dead-easy and the result is fairly neat even if I say so myself.

I didn't make the cummerbund style belt from the pattern, instead I made a bow belt following Tilly's tutorial. I wasn't too sure of the cummerbund belt, especially with the dotty fabric, but I may make one in blue or black in the future. We'll see. I'm not a huge belt person anyway so I suspect I'll be wearing the dress without the belt.

The dress is somewhat summery and we're well into the autumn here in Finland (with rains that seem to last forever) but I'm sure I can wear it with wellies and a cardigan. I'm also planning on making another one in black (quelle surprise) with sleeves. I'm thinking of using a black double knit and maybe eliminating the zipper..? Any thoughts on that dear readers? Over&out for now.