Sunday, 1 December 2013

Melkein Marttakerho - sewing with friends

Me and a few friends have started meeting up weekly or bi-weekly to knit, sew, drink tea and gossip. The idea came up one weekend at the end of last summer when we had a games weekend and Jenni wanted to start something as counter-act for the boys' RPG and games nights (though I have to confess I'm part of the boys' RPG group, but shhhh, don't tell anyone ,D)
My pink dice

It's been good fun combining sewing, knitting and being sociable. Also it means I set aside time each week to do something crafty rather than just watching telly and I get to see friends and drink tea. We've started calling our group Marttakerho which refers to a Finnish organization Marttakerho, The real Marttakerho is a women's organization where they teach handy skills like home-sewing and knitting. It isn't exclusively for sewing and crafting though as they also do courses for cooking, mushroom picking, cleaning, jam making and all sorts other things. We're still practising with our own almost Marttakerho, but we might join the real thing one day.

A Martta in the making - Anni with her knitting

We don't do courses at our meetings, but we do try to help each other if and when needed. Our crafting group is very relaxed and we usually do our own projects in the same space. However me and Jenni have started a dress project where we're both making a New Look 6000 together. I'm surprise, surprise making a black one from jersey again so I can eliminate the zip. I've been wanting to make one for a while since Houndstooth dress is one of my faves and I wear it a lot.

Jenni cutting her dress with the furry members of our club Java and Kaapo

So far we've cut the dresses and sewn the darts and the side seams. Next up it'll be tackling the back and neckline. I'm loving how quickly this dress is coming together. I'm still working on the tartan dress as well, it's nearly finished so expect a post about it soon.
Over&out for now dear readers.

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