Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Knitting with the Doctor!

I started this knitting project in December with the idea of giving the mittens as Christmas present, but I didn't finish them until now. I didn't want to type posts noting my progress so that it wouldn't ruin the Christmas surprise, but the mittens are now with their new owner so I can finally share the excitement and the frustration of mittens.

I'm now in love with Ravelry.com and that my boyfriend is a massive Doctor Who -fan so imagine the excitement when I found this fantastic pattern for blue police box mittens on Ravelry. Hurrah! And it said suitable for beginners of fair isle knitting which I definately am.

Yarn and needles ready to go 

Yarn was easy enough to find as we have a nice little yarn shop called Pitsi ja Palmikko in town. I used Sandnes Garn Sisu yarn in blue (5937) and gray (1032). It's a bit thicker than the yarn recommended in the pattern, but using slightly smaller needles seemed to keep the size in check. 

I had done a tiny bit of fair isle knitting before, but I not really looked into it properly. And every time I have done fair isle knitting I've made up how to keep the yarns from getting untangled as I went. Needless to say this didn't work with this pattern, so after a few not so even rounds of the pattern and quite a bit of frustration I decided it would be best to look into it. I found this Youtube Video by CottonCloud which was really helpful. I have to confess that I didn't even know there was an English way of knitting and that it is different from the continental way until I watched the video. Luckily there was a video tutorial explaining English knitting so I learnt a new thing!

After I figured out the English and continental ways of knitting fair isle became a lot easier and quicker to do. Though it seemed that my knitting got neater during mitten number two so it ended up being a tad smaller than the first one, nooooo! I could face doing a third mitten so I ended up unravelling a bit of the first one and making it smaller by starting the finger decrease earlier. That also means the pattern isn't identical on both mittens, but I think I can live with that.

The finished mittens

What is the plural for a Tardis? 

I'm pretty pleased with the result and I will try some more fair isle knitting in the future. I also found some amazing  Tardis sock and Dalek mitten  patterns on Ravelry. I may have give these a go as well, but I promised to knit my mother some socks first ...

Timey-wimey and spacey-wacey for now dear readers.

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