Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pattern envelope = make-up bag!

This isn't strictly sewing related, but I had to share my new make-up bag with all of you lovelies! It's a make-up bag disguised as a pattern envelope, how twee is it?

It's from a line called Needle&Thread by the UK company Disaster Designs and I'm madly in love with it. I think the button detail on the zipper is too cute and I love, love, love the skirts on the patterns. I did wonder if the pattern is a real one or have they just made a mash-up for the make-up bag, but a quick search didn't return any results

Disaster designs also have a gorgeous over-night bag in the same line, but sadly it seems to be sold-out in most places, but the make-up bags are available at so go grab your own and show your love for patterns!

Over&Out for now dear readers.


  1. I just got this very same bag as a Christmas gift! I believe mine came from ModCloth, but it's the same Disaster Designs product. It's just too adorable. I'm fairly certain it's not an actual pattern, but more like a mash-up, like you suggested. Where can I get my hands on the matching overnight bag?!?!

    1. Mine came from Modcloth too cause for some reason the postage from the US to Finland was cheaper than from UK. Go figure. Anyhow here's a few place that still seems to have the overnight bag is stock and I'm so tempted to order one :)

  2. Tämä on rakkautta ensi silmäyksellä :) Aivan ihana! Kaikki yksityiskohdat näyttää niin viimeisen päälle mietityiltä.