Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Cute as a button

I'm not usually huge on jewellery, but I love button earrings and I love matching things so it was about high time I made some. Considering button earrings are the easiest project to make and they don't take long either, it's shameful it's taken me so long. I ordered some coverable buttons from Nappikauppa Punahilkka and used the scrap fabric from previous (and one future) projects. I also used my street cred pink tool kit to bend the button loop to one side before adding to earring posts to the buttons.

Pink tools

Button loops away

Nappikauppa Punahilkka had some coverable buttons with blank backs which would have been perfect for earring making (no hassle with the tools), but since I ordered 50 buttons I thought I might like to make some covered buttons in the future so it made sense to order these rather than the blnks. Covered buttons, pink tools, earring posts and some superglue later:

I really like the tape measure ones, which are your favorite ones dear readers? 


  1. Ihania! Oma suosikkini on ehdottomasti nuo mittanauhanapit :) Näyttävät muuten hyviltä päällystettäviltä napeilta. Täytyykin käydä vilkaisemassa valikoimaa.

    1. Juu, suosittelen. Toimivat ainakin korviksina hyvin ja olivat todella helpot päällystää. Nappikauppa Punahilkassa on myös ihania japanilaisia kankaita eli eikun tilailemaan :)

  2. On todella iloisia, tuollaiset korvikset piristävät päivän ihan varmasti. Kauniit.