Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Measuring up my ironing board.

The first item from my this year's sewing list is completed, hurrah! It's probably not the most exciting thing on the list, but my ironing board cover was in a pretty sorry shape and I've been meaning to do something about it for ages, but somehow I didn't get around until now. Finding this amazing tape measure print fabric from Minerva Crafts was obviously the kick start I needed.

So after ordering the fabric I went and had a look at some tutorials ( here and here) and started planning. At this point I realised that my lovely tape measure fabric isn't wide enough. Nooo! But I decided to go ahead and add a seam. I'm hoping it won't interfere with my ironing too much and I did find some ironing board cover tutorials with several seams on them so ... I added some more batting to my ironing board as that was also wearing quite thin and no one likes the diamond shapes ironed onto your newly-made garments, do they?
Refurbished ironing board

I'd love to spray paint the legs in a cool colour, but I suspect that will have to wait til the summer. It's too cold outside to try to paint anything at the moment. I'm thinking turquoise for the legs or maybe pink, any colour suggestions dear readers?

And from the leftover fabric from the ironing board cover I made myself a new pin cushion. That's also been on my to do -list for a while now, but I've had this weird sentimental relationship with my old pin cushion, I just couldn't bare to part with it even though I dislike the fabric on it. I suspect this silly sentimentally has something to do with the fact that I made it in school quite a few years ago and that wrist-strap is superhandy. I also hate getting rid of usable things just cause I don't like the look of then. But I have to say I'm tres happy with my new up-dated pretty pin cushion and I used to old one as a "pattern" as I really like the wrist strap on it so it feels like it's still there in spirit ,D

New and old pin cushion

Fashionable wrist strap 

That's all for now. Over&out for now dear readers!


  1. Must be PINK and after painting some photos, please.

    1. I'm thinking pink too. Will have to wait til the weather gets a bit warmer, but I promise I will post photos of the finished result.