Monday, 31 March 2014

Ohhh pants!

And this time that doesn't stand for things going wrong, but actual undies, knickers, pants. I'm not entirely sure that I've found my new favourite project, but making pants is excellent for stash busting. And there are so many amazing resource on making lingerie out there that is leaves your head spinning. Handmade Jane has written a lovely round up of the available patterns and then a funny follow-up about things didn't quite work out for her. I did symphatize with her latter post while I was sewing and unpicking and sewing again.

But onto some details, I downloaded the So Zo's underwear pattern which she's kindly made available free on blog.  And I also bought Ohhh Lulu's  Grace panties as I wanted something a bit girlier. I'm usually not a fan of PDF patterns (too many bits to stick together) but with only four sheet to tape together these weren't too bad.

It's not hugely surprising that I had various different dotty material lying in my stash so it was finally time to start using them up. You may recognise some fabric from other projects. I didn't have any pretty elastic in my stash and neither did Neppinappi where I got my black if not somewhat boring picot elastic from. I suppose if I make pants in the future I'll have to order some online, suggestions welcome dear readers!

I was a bit worried about sewing the elastic on, but this tutorial by Novita from Very Purple Person -blog made it less scary.  Despite the tutorial I still managed to sew the elastic wrong, but it only meant I had to re-sew close to the edge rather than unpick it. I think I would have cried if I'd had to unpick elastic, it was bad enough having to do some unpicking on jersey after I accidentally sewed the crotch onto the side (don't ask).

After some time with my BFF the unpicker and some time worrying about skipped stiches on my Singer 160 (until I realised I should use the three point zig-zag instead of the regular one, dur) I finally finished the pants and here they are:

 Dotty pants

 Picot lace and three point zigzag

I've not worn the pants yet, so I'm not sure how comfy they are, but they turned out better than I hoped even if they are HUGE. I'm not sure they are worth the effort, but I'm glad I've tried making some and I can now tick it off my sewing list. I think the pants might be easier to make tghe 2nd time around so I might make some more in the future and I might even try making high waisted ones, Ohhh Lulu has some purdee patterns for those as well.  

So have you made undies dear readers?  If so what patterns did you use?


  1. Hei Essi,
    Olen aivan vaikuttunut :) Ehdottomasti tärkeintä on haastaa itsensä tekemään uusia juttuja ja kokeilemaan asioita oman mukavuusalueen ulkopuolelta. En ole itse vielä uskaltautunut ompelemaan alusvaatteita, mutta haaste on tykyttänyt takaraivossani jo pitkään. Eli ehkä uskaltaudun testaamaan kykyjäni kuminauhan parissa.

    1. Suosittelen ehdottomasti testailemaan alusvaatteiden tekemistä. Kuminauha ei ollut niin kamala kuin luulin ja So Zo:n ilmainen kaava on helppo toteuttaa. Muistelen, että So Zo:n blogista löytyy erillinen ohje-postauskin tätä varten.