Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Je suis Coco ...

Tilly released her third pattern the Coco a few weeks back and I didn't need much convincing to order it. The pattern is a lovely knit top&dress with a version that has a lovely funnel neck which has a 60s vibe to it. The pattern fills a gap in my pattern stash, it's nice and casual something I can wear every day. 

My pattern arrived in the post last week with the cutest compliments card hand-signed from Tilly. Which is such a lovely touch, not to mention that the card is awesome. It's going on my sewing room wall!

Tilly's compliments card 

The packaging and the instructions also deserve a mention, they are absolutely adorable. Polka dots on the over and beautiful colour pictures so I'm sold.

I had some black double-knit jersey in my stash (quelle surprise) so I didn't have to go out and buy anything which makes a nice change. I really need to sort out what fabrics I have and and try doing some stash busting, but I have seen the prettiest turquoise cotton linen and some amazing dotty jersey that I NEED ...

Anyhow back to Coco, the top was really quick to put together even with a sewing machine instead of an overlocker. I did use a ballpoint needle and I used the three point zig-zag so my machine wouldn't jump stitches, I learnt my lesson a while back when sewing some knits and the machine kept jumping stitches a lot. The sleeves went in like a dream, but I did end up taking them in a bit as they were a bit too roomy for my liking. I loved doing the side stitches in a one long go, why haven't I done this before? 

Je suis Coco

The funnel neck

I'm not entirely sure the funnel neck sits quite as its supposed to, I suspect I may have stretched the neckline while working on it despite trying to stay stitching it. I'm happy with my first attempt of Coco, I think it'll be a wardrobe staple for me. I also see a dotty and stripey version in cards and probably a dress as well. I suspect I'll end up having a wardrobe full to Cocos by the end of the year!

There have been some amazing Cocos popping around on the blogosphere in the last few weeks, have you seen HandMade Jane's version, Lladybird Lauren's version  and Lynne's version?

Over&out for now dear readers.


  1. That is a lovely top! And so versatile! I havent bought the pattern though. Maybee someday;)
    I have seen the other versions that you mention, and they are all very nice! :D

    1. I whole-heartdly recommened the pattern. It's easy to make and very versatile, I have other versions planned already! :)