Monday, 5 May 2014


I've made another Coco and this time with dots. I finished making this  a few weeks back, but only got around blogging about it now. I've already worn it loads (and unfortunately this shows). I'm in love with the Coco pattern and I totally recommend it to everyone. It's so quick and easy to make and it's so wearable which is the most important part. And it doesn't hurt that I've had a few compliments while wearing  the black Coco I made in March.

I've not tried "colour blocking" before but luckily Tilly posted an excellent tutorial about this a few weeks ago. Though I should have read it properlu and not just skimmed as I ended up cutting the top block a bit too high, so easily done especially when the fabric is lying on the floor and you're trying to decide what the right proportions should be, but other than that colour blocking is dead-easy. This might be a good way to introduce some colour to my wardrobe. Maybe a turquoise and black Coco dress next.. ?

My first slight niggle with the this top is that the bottom of polka dot fabric is light grey and black rather than black and white, but as the grey is so light it almost looks like a washed-out white. The colourway was mentioned on Girl Charlee's website, but I was just looking at the pic and saw dots. But I think I can live with it and I'm not sure people will notice unless I mention it. My 2nd niggle is that the the polka dot fabric fluffs like no man's business. This is what fabric looks like after one gentle wash, sigh. Any ideas what to do about the fluffing?

Fluff anyone..?  

I'm currently midway through making a dress at the moment, makes a change from all the tops, doesn't it dear readers?