Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tea party in Wonderland

I turned 30 a few months back (no crisis yet) and I had a loosely Alice in Wonderland themed garden party in July. Twas much fun and some of my favourite people where there and we had scones and tea and Pimms in a tea pot.  My amazing and very crafty friends made me the best and themed related presents ever which I must share with you. 

Pink Flamingo (or a crane in disguise) 

Mad Hatter's Hat

This fits me! So there is a good change I will end up walking around with this on my head. 
This Way, That Way, Wrong Way..? 

This was part of the party decorations and functional as some of the guests hadn't been to my rents' place where I had the party before. The sign was made my lovely parents, they were an awesome help with everything. Quite a lot of the decorations came from Ikea. Their Historisk range has pictures of tea pots, Victorian shoes and hats which we're perfect for the party. I also got black and white stripey fabric from there which I turned into table cloths, which is about the only sewing I've done in a while.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera (or my phone) with me at the party. Twas a bit of a ohmigod I'm not going to have everything done in time mad rushing kinda day so I left at home which means there aren't very many pictures of the party or decorations, but here's a few ... 

Party Decorations 

And Martat (my sewing and crafting best gals) had been spying my blog (*waves*) and they got me the Disaster Design's Overnight Bag I'd been drooling over for ages. Thanks gals, I heart it. It is as cute in real life as it is in pictures and it's the perfect size for my travels. It's been tried and tested already. 

Disaster Design's Needle & Thread overnight bag

We've had a heatwave in Finland for the past month so I've been lazy with everything crafty, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. I have a few unfinished and almost finished projects so watch this space! 


  1. Jälkikäteiset synttärionnittelut Essi! Wau mitä kädentaitoja. Oli varmasti upeat juhlat. Ja tuo kassi... Tarvitseeko edes sanoa, että se on aivan ihana!

    1. Kiitos Anna, juhlat olivat aivan ihanat ja sääkin suosi :) Kassi on mitä mainioin ja juuri sopivan kokoinen viikonloppulaukuksi ja miksei hieman pidempäänkin reissuun.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sound like you had a brilliant party, and I have that bag too! I use it for storing my fabric stash.

    1. Thanks Lynne. The party was fun and the even the weather was lovely. I doubt my ever-growing fabric stash would fit into the bag, I really need to do some stash busting ;)