Sunday, 21 September 2014

+5 stitches (and not the right kind) and -1 DIY skills

I had Monday off and I had big plans of getting loads of DIY done around the house. I was going to paint the kitchen walls, finally spray painting the ironing board legs I talked about back in Feb, change the curtains and do a bit of cleaning. I got to a good start before disaster struck.

I managed the first coat of paint in the kitchen and I thought I would spray paint the ironing board legs while waiting it to dry. Before I could start spraying I had to remove the two remaining plastic cap from the legs. The ironing board is pretty old so the caps were stuck and wouldn't come of with the help of screw driver so I thought it would be a good idea to cut them off with a carpet knife...a few second later I had the first cap off and the second almost there and a two inch gash on my left wrist/arm. I had to go and have it stitched at A&E and they're not the kind of stitches you're used to seeing in a sewing blog.

Offending plastic caps and the knife

Stitches (or rather just the plaster, the stitches would have too gruesome)

Surprisingly enough I didn't do much after I got home as it turns out I get rather queasy when seeing blood. It's day six after the cut and the arm/wrist isn't too bad. The area around the stitches is bruised and a bit sore if it touches anything but it doesn't throb or anything. I'm having the stitches out tomorrow which is pretty good.

I managed to spray paint the ironing board on Wednesday and then I left it to dry for a few days. It said it'll take seven days to dry on the can but that it would be touch dry after half an hour, go figure. Anyhow I finally managed to put the ironing board back together today and it does look pretty in pink.

Spray painting

Finished ironing board

I do think the ironing board looks much better than it used to, but I'm not entirely sure it was worth the hassle. Though I suppose the stitches are quite street-cred ... Anyhow lesson for today is beware of carpet knives dear readers! Over&out for now.


  1. Oh no! Poor you! I'm glad you're on the mend, and the ironing board does look lovely.

    1. Thanks Lynne. I'm now convinced the ironing board was worth it, and the scar is healing nicely :)