Sunday, 30 November 2014

Raindrops keep falling on my head ...

I had plans of making something other than a Delphine-skirt, but I came across this adorable rain drop fabric from Eurokangas which looked so appropriate for autumn that I couldn't resist (even though it's nearly winter here in the land of finn). The raindrops look a bit like dots which probably explains why I was drawn to it...
Rain drops 

Cutting Delphine n:o 2

I've worn my black Delphine a lot and I really like, but I occasionally wish it had lined it as the twill keeps clinging to my tights and riding up. It's still very wearable, but it did make me think about lining this one. Also Tilly posted an excellent tutorial on how to add lining to the Delphine skirt  on her blog a few months back. But being lazy I eventually decided against lining it, the fabric is some kind of stretch cotton so I'm hoping it won't ride up as much as the twill, it definitely has more drape than the twill.

The project came together fairly quickly. Luckily I'd marked the sway back adjustment I did last time on the pattern so no fiddling abouts with that. Hurrah. I had a bit trouble with the zipper, the top wouldn't sit right for some reason, maybe I left too room much there or something, after re-stitching a few times it's better, but not quite as neat as I would like it to be.

I hand-stitched the waist cause I figured it would look neater if there wasn't a black thread going through the white drops which is what would have happened had I used the machine. I need a bit more practice on stiching in the ditch with a machine...

The nearly invisible zipper

The Rainy Day Delphine and jazz hands

Despite the slight problems with the zipper I'm pleased with this project. I'm sure I'll get loads of wear out of this and those are the best projects, don't you think? Over&out for now dear readers.