Monday, 11 May 2015

Would you like some Cocoa?

This was the first time I've used Cake Patterns. I'd ordered the Cocoa shrug pattern some time last year as it looked like something I would get a lot of wear out of and I wanted an alternative to the zillions of black cardis in my closet (though I did think it would also look good in black!).  And Steph's amazing leopard minky Cocoa.

The online opinion about Cake Patterns seems quite divided, some people absolute love their patterns and others can't make head or tails about them. I have to say I did read the sizing guide twice before tracing the pattern, but it didn't need much adjustment so it was worth it   I have to say the instructions were a bit scarce, but there's a few hints and tips on the Cake Patterns website which explain things in detail and helped me a great deal. I guess I'm veering towards liking Cake Patterns.    

Stripey Shrug

Accidental Pattern matching! 

Kimono sleeve..?

I continued with my stash busting for this project. I found have lovely black and white stripey knit in my stash, I was umming and arring it would have been better as a boat neck t-shirt, but I decided to try out Cocoa instead cause I'd been wanting to try it out for ages. In hindsight the t-shirt would have probably been better as I think the fabric is a bit too flimsy for this, but it's still wearable so I'm not too worried.

The pattern matching at the back is accidental, but I'm nevertheless pleased with it. I did after that success try pattern matching with the sleeves, but that didn't quite work out. Oh well, live and learn. I used Bernette for most of this project, and ended up attaching the hemming in a slightly weird way. My beloved singer wasn't having any of it with the button hole so that is a hand stitched mess. 

I started watching Craftsy's sewing fashion knits classes after I finished this project, I kinda wished I'd watched it before as I've picked up so many useful hints and tips. I probably will make another Cocoa shrug at some point, but it's not at the top of my sewing list at the moment. And I wouldn't mind trying out one of their dresses, maybe Esmeralda or Tiramisu.

All this talk about cake is making me peckish so I'm off to have some cake! Over&out for now.

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