Sunday, 20 December 2015

Laurel n:o 1

Long time no see dear readers! I've not disappeared off the face of the earth even if it might seem so. I've just been in a sewing slump for what seems like forever, (well I did make a red bow and quick&dirty sequin top for a Rocky Horror Picture Show evening, but they really don't count). I've also had a super-busy autumn, and leading up to Chrimbo has been pretty manic too. I've mainly spent all of my free time wall-papering & decorating (see pics on Instagram!) as we bought a new place! I will post more pics (if and) when we move, but that's still a few weeks away.

This week finally saw me return to sewing and I made my first Laurel! And it seems to have got me from my sewing slump, hurrah! It's not the best thing I've made, but it's defo wearable and probably the first of many Laurels I'll be making.
Laurel n:o 1

I'm in-between sizes (who isn't though) so I did some mixing and matching while drawing the pattern. This seemed to work quite well until I fitted the blouse and decided to take the shoulders up a bit which resulted in the bust dart being too high up, dur. I was going to ignore it and keep this as a wearable mock-up, but after looking at it for a while I decided to dig out my old friend the seam ripper and redo the front. Luckily I had extra fabric to do so. This was a bit disheartening, but I doubt I would have ever worn the supposedly wearable mock-up so I'm glad I did put in the extra effort, even if it did mean the poor garment sat in my UFO pile for a month or three ...

I got this adorable dotty bias binding from my friend for Christmas last year so it was about high time I used it. I think it gives the garment a chic touch. The bias binding worked well on the arms, but I had a few hiccups with the neckline, which resulted in more unpicking, so I drafted a facing for the collar instead. I suspect I'll do that in the future as I'm not a huge fan of hand stitching and I can't seem to get the bias binding to lie flat if I do it with a machine.
Dotty bias binding

I'm also thinking Laurel would look pretty neat with a collar. I have a few funky fabrics in store so that may well be my next project, I'm all about quick and easy at the moment.  Hope your autumn hasn't been quite so unproductive as mine! Over&out for now dear readers.

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