Thursday, 7 January 2016

Just add glitter ...

I was so lazy with sewing and blogging last year that I'm not going to do a top five post and I think I'm going to continue with last long list of sewing this year so no sewlutions or re-caps here. Instead I thought I'd show you the glittery dinosaurs I made just before Christmas!

The dino-thing all started some time last year when I saw a dinosaur planter on Pinterest/Etsy. I was going to order a few planters on Etsy (as apparently I'm not allowed to use a carpet knife after the carpet knife incident...), but one company didn't ship to Finland and the other one seller didn't have the right colours so I left it for a while and forgot about it. Then dinosaurs came up a few months ago at work (I have no idea why) so I did some searching and soon found several tutorials for all things dinosaur. Here are a few of my current faves:  Checks and Spots' turorial for planters, Three little monkey studios tutorial for an awesome serving dish and Chris Gardner's tutorial for sparkly dinos.

It was surprisingly difficult to find suitable toy dinosaurs so the servings dish and planters are still only plans, but I did find some small dinosaurs suitable for Christmas decorations. Yay. We did some Christmas crafting with my sewing/craft club so it was a perfect opportunity to start on the dinos. I loosely followed the tutorial but I ended up using acrylic paints instead of spray paint as it is less messy. I also painted the dinosaurs first and the added a layer of glue and glitter. 


Just add glitter 

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and happy new year! I will do more sewing this year even without the sewlutions, promise ,) 

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