Friday, 15 April 2016

Laurel n:o 2

All this moving malarkey has taken up an awful lot of time hence it's been a bit quiet on both the sewing and blogging front, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things. We've pretty much moved and settled into our new place which is fab. Still a few things to figure out, like where my sewing machine will live, but I'm sure it'll find a perfect place given some time.

I have managed some sewing even with the packing, sorting, and other chaos around. I made another Colette Laurel, this time a sleeveless dress with fringe. And yes, it's a supposed to be a flapper girl dress, otherwise fringe might be a bit much. I'll admit it was a bit quick and dirty dress as we had a Gatsby themed party to attend and I had nothing to wear. I ended up sewing the last fringes on train on our there, but better late than never?
The faux 1920s dress 

I added some silver to the bottom after this photo was taken. I could have easily continued adding bits to the dress for another few hours, but it's probably for the best that I had to stop, hand-stitching beads would have been too much ... Though I did see some amazing outfits on the night, I ended up feeling a tad under-dressed even with the fringe.

I used the pattern with the same modifications that used for the Laurel top I made just before Christmas. For some reason the dress was huge when I first sewed together. I had to take the side seams in half on inch both sides and it still could have been a bit tighter. I know I hadn't lost any weight at that point so I'm a bit baffled as to what happened. I think I'll need to redraw the pattern as I am going to make another Laurel for the summer.

For some reason all the pics from the actual night are a bit so and so and you can't really see the dress in detail, but here's a few anyway.

The party was much fun, we danced Charleston til our feet hurt and had a few glasses of bubbly, just like real flappers. I'm all for themed parties these days.

I have some sewing planned for tomorrow so hopefully my next update won't be such a long way away. Over&out for now dear readers!

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